1-14-14 The new year has brought some exciting changes!

brandon-cHappy Birthday Jenni Nelson and Karol Frodsham

2 x Burgner Warm-up with Empty Bar
10 min 2 reps EMOM
Squat Clean and Jerk at 70-75% of your 1 RM from last week

5 min REST

7 min AMRAP
3-Clean and Jerk (135#/95#)
3-Toe to Bar
6-6, 9-9, 12-12, etc

The New Year Has Brought Some Exciting Change… And, some of you may have noticed a few changes around the north box… including new members working out since the beginning of January. Well your eyes have not deceived you.

KendlWe are pleased to announce that The Quad-Elite Training in Logan is joining CrossFit IoTA!

For the convenience of its members The Quad will keep its doors open for the month of January to make the transition smooth but all members have been granted full access to all three locations as of January 1, 2014 [CrossFit IoTA North, CrossFit IoTA South and The Quad].  With this merger, CrossFit IoTA gains a handful of incredible athletes and three top notch trainers: Brandon Carlisle, Kendle Watt and Ryan Davis. We look forward to them becoming part of our CrossFit family and are excited to get to know them and everyone from the Quad better. You may have already welcomed them this month, but if you haven’t, take the time to say hello, extend your hand and give them a place in our community.

Yet another positive addition to our already amazing CrossFit staff and family… WELCOME!

Ryan D

1-13-14 The 11 Most Destructive Nutrition Lies Ever told

Gymnastics/Skill Work:
7 min total working time (when you find the point at which you are struggling to maintain position and form through these progressions, stop there and continue to work there as well as the earlier progressions. We are building skill here, so take the time to lay the correct foundation on these movements.
1 min hollow-rock (try not to break for the 60 sec)
5 reps – Tripod -> Knees on elbows -> Raise Hips so back is flat
5 reps – (shoulder Test) – Tripod -> Knees on elbows -> Lower feet so toes touch and back to tripod
5 reps – Tripod -> legs extended with head on ground -> Push up
5 reps – Tripod -> legs extended quickly with arms extending at same time. Land so that everything is engaged and tight
5 reps – Tripod -> legs extend quickly with head through the arms and head behind the hands
3 Wall Walks (from body length away from the wall) – hands in a fixed position
3-5 – with hands in the same position as the wall walks, Tripod -> Head Stand -> Open hip so toes find the wall
if you can do this then just work yourself closer to the wall

3 Reach, Twist and Lift (5 sec) each arm
15 Scare Crow (5#/2.5#)
10 Scap Push-up
5 Scare Crow – I,Y,T (5#,2.5#)

STRENGTH (10 min)
1 RM Shoulder Press

5 min Max Rep Burpees
4 min rest
100 Ab-Mat Sit-ups for time

Article of the Day: The 11 most destructive nutrition lies ever told
by: Kris Gunnars

There is a lot of misinformation circling around in mainstream nutrition.
I have listed the worst examples in this article, but unfortunately this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here are the top 11 biggest lies, myths and misconceptions of mainstream nutrition.

Read the complete article HERE



Athlete Profile – Stacee Flygar

Happy Birthday Barb Whittekar
staceeTells us about yourself… I was born and raised in Smithfield where I now live with my nine year old son Daxon. I grew up with horses and sports and still love both. I was fortunate enough to play soccer at USU, graduate with a teaching and coaching degree and land a job at Logan High. I head coached for a number of seasons (11) in multiple sports and now I teach and follow/coach my son in all his sports. I think being a Mom is the greatest thing in the world! I love being active and crossfit has rejuvenated long sleeping muscles. I love the challenge of CrossFt and the people. Great People!

What’s your day job? I teach Geography and Aerobics at Logan High.

How where you introduced to CrossFit? I have a good friend that participated in last years cold war (2013). I showed up to support and thought, “I want to be able to do that”.

What’s your favorite WOD or Lift? I really like sit ups and box jumps, cleans are my favorite lift.

What is your favorite skill/movement that you have learned at CrossFit IoTA? I had never jerked before I like it, it makes me feel strong, also love that I can do kipping pull-ups now.

How has CrossFit changed your life? My life has been changed by the friends I have made at the box, what an incredible community!

What keeps you motivated and coming back for more? I love the way my muscles are responding to the workouts, but the friendships keep me coming back.

What’s something you know now that you wish someone would have said to you when you started CrossFit? It is super addicting, and you make friends for life.

stacee-fOne word to describe me would be… Fun-loving

I have always wanted… More kids, but I am lucky to have one.

Outside of the gym, I like to… Hang out with my son, play soccer & softball, read.

Three things you would always find in my fridge… Milk, eggs, greek yogurt.

Something nobody knows about me or would be surprised to know about me… I have a pace maker

Favorite physical activity outside of CFI… Anything involving a ball.

Favorite place to eat in Cache Valley … Old Grist Mill

Song(s) that gets me pumped up for a workout… I am not picky, I like anything thats on.

The last thing I ate was… Turkey noodle soup.

My proudest accomplishment is… I am the most proud of being a Mom, a provider, and my attitude.

My six month goal is… Oh man I am terrible at goal setting, just to stay healthy I guess.

My favorite workout attire is… As long as my sports bra and my shoes are there I am good to go.

My favorite workout partner(s)… The bright and early bunch, like I said good friends and a great community.

If you created a WOD and named it after yourself what would the workout be? My WOD would have sit-ups, hang cleans, box jumps, anything really its all a love hate relationship anyway