1-9-14 This Doughnut needs a little more chalk and it will be ready to PR

STRENGTH – Snatch Work
(1x) Burgner Warm-up & Skill Transfer with PVC
(1x) Burgner Warm-up & Skill Transfer with Bar

12 min OTC
5×2 Pressing Snatch Balance
5×2 Heaving Snatch Balance
(these should be done with loads that will allow you to work on the form and receiving position for the snatch)

10 min AMRAP
30 Double Unders (2:1 Singles)
15 Snatch (75#/55#)

This Doughnut needs a little more chalk and it will be ready to PR

This post is courtesy of CrossFit Invictus. We couldn’t have said it better:
Written by Nick Hawkes

We, as a community, have a substance abuse problem. It may be uncomfortable for some of you to hear this and some of you might find it shameful. In fact, some of you may even get angry and lash out in denial. But it is true, and it is time we have an intervention. I am not talking about bacon or recovery drinks (but we might need to cover this later) or “paleo” goodies. No, the substance that you all cannot get enough of is CHALK! Chalk, chalk, and more chalk.

We spent a small fortune on chalk just the other month that should have lasted us through the end of the year. However, as you can probably guess, that supply is gone. It really is not that surprising, given how people go about using the white powdery goodness. On any given training session you can find people using the chalk in a number of different ways including:

chalking their hands
chalking the bar
chalking their chest
chalking their gloves
chalking the floor around their bar
chalking their neck and face
chalking their friends
group chalking
chalking for long runs and rows
chalking as a reason to stop and rest
chalking Lebron style, to address humidity perhaps
chalking their mouth to help with excessive drooling
Ok, I made that last one up, but my point should be clear (or pasty in this case) – chalking has become excessive and is no longer being used for recreational purposes. The purpose of chalk is to act as a drying agent by absorbing your sweat. Due to this drying agent, chalk can actually increase your callous build up, and be a contributing factor to your continues hand ripping. So, you might try to ween yourself away from the magic powder by using wrist bands and/or headbands. Wearing bands will not only make a courageous fashion statement, they will also stop the sweat from running in your eyes as well as dripping from your arm to your hands.

When you absolutely need it…keep it in the bucket! Upon chalking, place your hands in the chalk bucket, chalking your hands, and dusting off the excess while your hands are still INSIDE the bucket. This will help eliminate waste and the crazy white mess around the gym. If you find that you are at a critical point in the workout and that chalking is essential for you to achieve your next pull-up or Kettlebell swing, please take the 3 seconds to walk over to bucket and chalk up properly. Please do not take chalk out of the bucket and place it next to you on the floor, to be stepped on or smashed.

By implementing these simple suggestions, hopefully we can get this substance issue under control. It is ok to use the chalk, let’s just make sure we use it properly and for its intended purposes.

1-8-13 A Letter to my daughter about exercising and the truth

landon beck10 min
(odd) 7 Pull-up (Coaches Challenge Chest to Bar Pull-ups)
(even) 2 Turkish Get-up each arm (53#/35#)

3 min rest

12 min AMRAP
6 Push-up
4 Deadlift (185#/135#)
2 KB/DB Snatch each arm (53#/35#)

Thanks to Landon Beck for sending us some warm vibes from his vacation!!

by:Laura Moriarity

I take my daughter with me to CrossFit every day. I want her to remember watching her mom lift heavy weights, climb ropes and sweat. I am writing this letter to her in hopes that as she grows, the lessons I have learned doing CrossFit will help shape her image of what it means to be a woman.
Dear Presley,

You just turned 5. You love pretty dresses, sparkly headbands and drawing. You know you are talented, beautiful and creative. But, there will come a time when you will stop believing those things. You will start to look around, and you will see and hear lie after lie about what it means to be a woman. Slowly, if you are anything like your mom, you will begin to believe those lies. You will then spend too much of your life trying to fit the false models the culture has constructed for you. Continue reading HERE.

1-7-14 Nutrition Challenge Sign-up

so youre telling me

Gymnastics/Skill Work:
60 sec Hollow Hold
30 sec rest
60 sec Plank (45#/25#)
30 sec rest

3 Reach, Twist and Lift (5 sec) each arm
15 Scare Crow (5#/2.5#)
10 Scap Push-up
5 Scare Crow – I,Y,T (5#,2.5#)

(2x) Burgner Warm-up with empty bar

5 min – 2 Reps EMOM of a 70%ish – Clean and Jerk
10 min – 1 RM Clean and Jerk
10 min row – Max distance

Once you have signed up, below, we will add you to the facebook group where we will be providing helpful information, including a complete meal plan, so that you can succeed and meet your goals!

We will also provide you with your own tracking form where you and a few coaches will have access to your data and can give you regular feedback and help.  On this form you will enter your food log, track workouts and a few other things.  1-7-4 will be one of our test days, so if you are participating in the challenge be sure and record the information so you can enter it in on your tracking form.

Here are the dates and times that pictures and measurements will be taken (Stacey is handling this exclusively and only at these times and locations).
Tuesday – 5 & 6, 10 am 5 pm, North Gym
Wednesday morning – Thursday afternoon, South Gym

HERE is a helpful page of “Do’s and Don’ts” to help you with your nutrition choices.

HERE is another document with some helpful hints.

1-7-14 north 1-7-14 south