4-21-14 LOTS of UPDTAES

First Happy Birthday to Coach Tami and her twin brother Todd on the 19th and to Coach Ryan Davis today, the 20th!

A huge GOOD LUCK shout out to Dr. Tandy Olsen who is fulfilling a life long goal tomorrow and running Boston. Look back at what he wrote back in 2010, pretty cool to see him fulfill one of his dreams. (I’m sure we’ll have a full report tomorrow as I have already seen some really fun pictures.)

LEAVE NO SURVIVORS 2014 Registration is NOW OPEN! If you are looking for a fun event to participate in there is no better place to start than one that you will have home field advantage at. Click HERE for more info.

2014 team shirt-12014 Team Shirts are COMPLETE and thanks to our fantastic sponsors (Progenex, Dr. Tandy Olsen, Evolution Design, Boots N Things, Hall Drywall, Metal Vision, Mr Appliance and Baker Machine) we can again bring you these shirts for just $10! Finished samples will be at the North Gym on Monday and Friday and at the South Gym Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Fill out the form below if you would like to order one of these great shirts for summer.

Power Clean (115#/80#)
Thruster (115#/80#)

CrossFit On Day: Death by 10m (Ask one of the coaches if you aren’t sure how to do this one)
CrossFit Rest Day: 60 min tempo run @80% of your 1m TT time from last week
(how do you figure our your pace, convert your previous weeks TT into seconds.
Next take your total seconds and divide that number by .8, then convert this number
back into minuets:seconds and you’ve got your pace.)

4-18-14 Helen

400m Run
21 KB Swing (53#/35#)
12 Pull-ups

Compare your previous time here.

helen-4-2014 helen-4-2014-2

mindyArticle of the Day: Conquering the Dinnertime Battle
by: Mindy Anhder (yep one and the same, CrossFiter, member of the A Team, and has plenty of energy at 5:15 am class member!)

The dinnertime battle: If you have children, you know what I am talking about. As parents, we strive to prepare wholesome, nutritious food and have high hopes that our children will eat it with a smile, and maybe even ask for seconds. But instead, you may hear, “Can I have chicken nuggets instead?”

Read the complete article HERE.

4-17-14 Master Qualifier and Regionals

Congratulations to John Wells for finishing 80th in the world in the 60+ age group. We are all so proud of him and the work he puts in and we miss him in the mornings and hope his foot heals quickly so he can get back to the box.

Also congratulations to Kendl Watt for qualifying for regionals as an individual competitor. She is an absolute power house and will make us all proud to see her in the arena at the end of May.

I am also excited to announce that we have received a team invite to regionals. We had a great time sending a team in 2012 and 2014 will be a year to remember as well!! It took a lot of work and dedication to get there and I know once the team is selected they will make us all proud.

regionals invite-2014STRENGTH – SNATCH
12 min EMOM
1 Snatch from the high Hang
1 Snatch from above the knee
1 Snatch from the ground

1000m Row
20 – Sit-up
10 Box Jump (30″/24″)