Malik always gives it his best and it’s exciting to watch these young athletes thrown down!

15 min AMRAP
150m Sled Pull (45#/25#)
7 SDHP(95#/65#)
7 Box Over Burpee (24″/20″)

Article of the Day: Trust Your Taste Buds

Want to know if your favorite fruits and veggies are packing more nutritional bang for your buck?

You already have a way to tell: your palate. Over 10,000 taste buds in your mouth are each equipped with 100 to 150 taste cells that send messages to your brain about the chemicals in your food as they dissolve in saliva. But can you tell if a food is more nutritious by tasting it?

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john H-lns2014
John Heywood rocking out his first event. He has made some incredible changes since starting CrossFit!

10 min Work Up to a Heavy single from the Rack

400m run
25 Sit-ups
12 Pull-ups

CROSSFIT On Day: 200m – 400m – 800m – 400m – 200m Rest 1:1
CROSSFIT Off Day: 60 min tempo run @ 85% of your 5k pace

“We do constantly varied, FUNCTIONAL movement (multi joint), at HIGH INTENSITY. People that practice this the best, have ridiculous results. When introducing the body to the consistent stressors and stimulus CrossFit offers, we are turning people into machines. Literally. We produce such lactate and train at such a threshold that we produce growth hormone during training sessions alone, even when they don’t involve a barbell (as long as your going hard.)”Adiran Conway, 2 times Games Team Champion and Head Coach at Wasatch CrossFit