1-23-14 – Save these dates

Snatch Work
(1x) Burgner Warm-up & Skill Transfer with PVC
(1x) Burgner Warm-up & Skill Transfer with Bar

10 min to complete
5×3 Heaving Snatch Balance
5×3 Snatch Balance

5-10, 10-20, 15-30, 20-40, 20-40, 15-30, 10-20, 5-10
Kettlebell Swing (53#/35#)
Double Under (2:1 Singles)

January 30th (Thursday) WE ARE MOVING! We will be relocating the SOUTH GYM to our new location of 700 West 1700 South Building #29, Suite 105 in Logan. We will start at 10 am and will go until we are finished so that we can be ready to go on Friday morning the 31st. The North gym will remain open for regularly scheduled classes.

Feb 3rd (Monday)Our next foundations class will begin at the North location in Smithfiled on Feb 3rd. If you have a familuy member or friend that would like to try CrossFit, pick them up a $40 gift card. Classes will run for three weeks on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7 pm.

Feb 6th (Thursday)Hydrostatic Weight Test 4 pm – 7 pm – If you missed our last testing session or would like to do the Hydrostatic weight test, please contact Stacey as she is arranging times.

Feb 8th (Saturday)South Location Grand Opening – 7:30 am – 9:00 am on Saturday February 8th we will be hosting a WOD to break in our NEW SPACE. We would like to invite anyone that would like to come check out our new space and hit a workout with us. We will also be holding a fundraiser for Kevin Ogar, a fellow CrossFiter who suffered an injury that has left him paralyzed. All proceeds will go to Kevin and there is a suggested donation of $5.00, but will it not be required. (The North location will be closed on Saturday the 8th and we encourage everyone to come to the South Gym.)

1-21-14 A Dream Come True

20 min AMRAP
5 Clean (145#/95#)
10 Toe to Bar
15 Wall Ball (20#-10’/14#-9′)

Just wanted to send a big congratulations out to Tandy Olsen for winning the Free Motion Event this past weekend.  Tandy took home the male entry with a time of 46 minutes and 35 seconds, edging out Brent Seeley by a mere 9 seconds!  For his efforts he received an entry into the 2014 Boston Marathon.  This has been something Tandy has wanted to do since he was a child and we are thrilled that this will be the year he will fulfill his dream!

Here’s what these competitors endured:

2 mile run at 0% incline
50 lateral shuffles with a tilt using the ViPR
Climb 1000 vertical feet (no stopping and no holding on!)
50 mid rotations on the Dual Cable Cross
1 mile run at 6% incline