A. Warm Up

3 Sets NFT

20m/arm Single Arm OH Bottoms Up Carry

15 Banded Glute Bridges

10 calorie bike

B. Strength

Back Rack Reverse Lunge

Build to a 10RM Alternating Legs 5/leg

C. Conditioning

For time:

100 Back Squats @ 50% 1RM

-start with 10 burpees and perform 10 burpees every time you break up


A. Warm Up

Coaches choice

B. Strength

Choose one, two or all of the following, or take this time and work on your pushing strength (dips, strict or kipping handstand push ups, push ups, bench press, shoulder press, push press etc.)

B1. Weighted Bar Dip

Build to 1RM

-then strip the weight down to 70% of the total added load for the 1RM and perform 1 addittional set of max reps unborken

B2. Single Arm Seated Dumbbell Press

Build to a 6RM on each Arm

B3. Kipping Handstand Push Ups

1 Set for max rep unbroken

– no pauses along the way at all. Must be one continuous set.

C. Conditioning

20 minute amrap

4 Pull ups

4 Handstand push ups

6 Snatch 95/65

Coaches challenge

4 Strict Chest to Bar Pull Ups

4 Strict Handstand Push-Up

6 Dual KB Snatch 53/35


A. Warm Up

3 Sets NFT

60 seconds Row

10 Push Ups 20X0

20 Band Pull Throughs

60 seconds Bike

5/leg Abduction Bias RNT Goblet Squats 30X0

B. Strength

Front Squat

Build to a 3RM

-12 minute time cap-

*Record score on whiteboard

C. Conditioning

Choose one, two or all of the following

*Record each score separately

2 minute AMRAP

25 Russian KBS

25 Burpees

-rest 6-8 minutes-

2 minute AMRAP

20 Power Clean and Jerk 95/65#

Max Calories Assault Bike in Time Remaining

-rest 6-8 minutes-

2 minute AMRAP

30 Toes to Rings/Bar

Max Meters Row in Time Remaining