7-14-10 WOD

40 of each, then 20 of each
Knees to Elbows
Walking Lunge
Pull Ups

Just a reminder that we will be closed on Saturday (July 17th) and will be running the 1 Mile and 5k in Hyde Park. The city still doesn’t have the race forms and as soon as they have them I will bring them to the box.

B-ROCK hitting the pull-ups

Stress (by: Wasatach CrossFit)

Stress is often referred to as “The Silent Killer.”  Stress elevates the hormone cortisol and can lead to adrenal burnout, especially in women over 35.  Some of the symptoms of elevated cortisol are increased adipose tissues, especially in the belly, short term memory issues, loss of skin collagen (early aging), hyperinsulinemia, and a whole rash of other issues.  We’re all here because we want to enjoy healthier lifestyles and outside of training and eating it’s also important to manage stress.”

I couldn’t agree more with what was shared.  If you have something that you do to bring down your stress levels and add a little serenity to your life, post it to comments so we can all benefit.  CrossFit has really helped provide an outlet for my stress. – Paul


7-13-10 WOD

10 kettlebell swings (70#/44#)
20 push-ups
30 sit-ups
40 double-unders (3:1 singles)   

COACHES CHALLENGE: (3x) 10 – KBS, 20 – Ring Dips, 30 – Push Ups, 40 Double Unders   

For those of you who are training for the Top of Utah Half Marathon here is the ENDURANCE WOD that should be done today, 3-4 hours after/before your CrossFit WOD.  Tomorrow should be a rest day for you, if you do both od these WOD’s.   

3 x 1000m w/2 min rest between round.  Hold best possible pace.   


Today was another EPIC day CrossFit IoTA.  Adam Z (pictured below) did todays WOD with ALL of his double unders.  I know the picture is blurry, but there was just too much excitement in the room when he started rocking them.  Adam was able to string 3 & 4 together at a time consistently and I even counted an 8 in one effort!  Another great mile stone was also reached by two of our Soccer Players that are trainign with us.  Tyler H and Braden C are two player that have hands down been the most consistent of the bunch.  Tyler is stringing together 3’s and 4’s of the kipping pull-up!  Braden got his double under on today too!! Way to go Braden, Tyler and Adam you guys are doing GREAT!!   



Adam Z getting up for his double unders!!


Braden catching some air durring his double unders!!


The scorecard from today is also posted on our facebook page.  Haven’t joined our group…connect with us today on facebook! 

7-12-10 WOD

800m Run
40 Wall Balls (m-20#-10′ / w-14#-9′)
400m Run
20 Wall Balls
200m Run
10 Wall Balls   

Today Angie found a few people that missed her on Friday and to say the least we had a GREAT day!! Normally I don’t post the scorecard on regular days, but we had a first! Our own Mike Ball’s Rx’d ANGIE for the first time today and we are so proud of him for fighting through all 100 pull-ups…not to mention the rest of the WOD as well.  (There are more pictures from today over on our facebook group page!) 

Mike rocking his pull-ups!!


CFI 7-12-10 Scorecard


Soccer Team WOD
400m run
100m 45# carry
400m run
40 Burpees
400m run
100m 45# carry
400m run   

Saratoga High School replaced standard P.E. with CrossFit, and while all kids might not like putting in the effort, most report that they’re seeing great results.   

Saratoga High School in Saratoga, Calif., is the home of CrossFit Sawmill. We are, as far as we know, the only comprehensive public high school that not only offers CrossFit classes to our students but also offers no alternative. All our physical fitness (formerly physical education) classes are based on CrossFit principles and are taught by certified CrossFit instructors. We have 10 sections of Beginning Physical Fitness throughout the schoolday, and our facility is used extensively by athletes in our after-school sports programs, as well as by groups of teachers and school staff—all under the supervision of our instructors.   

One thing that makes our affiliate unique is our clients do not pay to be here; they are compelled to be here. Students must earn 20 units of physical education credit (the equivalent of four semesters) to graduate. You can earn credits if you are a member of the marching band, and you can earn credits for playing sports after school. But if you are not a musician or an athlete, as of this year you are a CrossFitter.   

So what does the average 15-year-old think about that?

Biggest Looser…Biggest Farse?

We hope none of you believe what you see on TV, but unfortunately a lot of people do. Listen to one of the Biggest Loser’s contestants about what really happens on the show. If only they had Eaten Real Food and done CrossFit! Watch the video here.

“Try to be one of those on whom nothing is lost.” — Henry James, novelist.



We will divide into teams and depending on the number of people who come, this will dictate the way the wod will be set up.  What I can promise is that at the very least we will be rowing, jumping rope and swinging kettle bells!!  See you all at 7:30 am! 

CFI Athletes out for the farmer carry!
CFI Saturday Team WOD
Saturday at CFI....sharing the work with a fun team wod!

7-9-10 WOD “ANGIE” – Ideal Position

100 Pull Ups
100 Push Ups
100 Sit Ups
100 Squats

Don’t forget that all workouts can be scaled to your ability.

CFI Angie Scorecard 7-9-10

Have you ever wondered what’s possible when it comes to some of these bench marks?  Wonder no longer.  Here is a video of our friend Chris Spealler doing “Angie” (wmv) (mov)

Just a quick note…if you are into cycling, and would like to ride with some fellow crossfitters, we will be going out for a ride at 6 am this coming Saturday. We will be leaving from the box and riding up smithfield canyon. Hope to see you there!!

It is important to understand ideal position. Know what you are working for and stop before it goes wrong. Understand the basics and then work towards your best and safest position.

For example, in the squat you can use a post or the wall to help you stay upright, and a medicine ball underneath you to ensure proper depth. When step away from the post or wall, your best squat may be a bit more cantilevered but we expect that you will still maintain nearly vertical shins, proper lumbar curve, a straight spine and knees with feet.

Know what you are working towards, what you are working with and don’t allow your movement to go bad. Need some help better understanding the full range of motion of a movement, as us. We can even quickly video tape you and then show you frame by frame your movement so that you can see what we’re seeing. It’s all about you being the best you!

7-8-10 WOD – Can protien really help me loose weight?

15 Burpees
12 Knees to Elbows
9 Plate Squat Cleans
400m run 

With a few of us training for the Top of Utah half/full marathon we’re bringing back weekly the
ENDURANCE WOD on Thursdays.
5 x 800m w/90 sec rest between intervals. Hold best possible time each round.

“This is CrossFit” with Jason Khalipa – video [wmv] [mov

I Am CrossFit (FL) makes the sports news in Miami. Check out their All-American baseball player/Cincinnati Reds first-round draft pick and “the work ethic he cultivated in some hard-nosed training”: Video. (hey….we do that at our box too! 😉  


The 6am MEN, throwing down!!

As the saying goes…you are what you eat. 

There are 3 major categories that all foods can be divided into, proteins, carbohydrates and fats.  Protein provides structure for your cells, carbohydrates provide immediate energy for activities and fat provides long-term energy for physical activities as well as energy to run all of your metabolic processes.  But protein and fats are the only two macronutrients essential for your body’s survival.  This is why when you’re trying to lose weight and cutting calories it’s vital that you take in sufficient amounts of protein and fat.  

In particular, it’s vital that you consume enough protein on a daily basis in order for you to sustain (or build) a lean body while trying to lose weight. As your activity level increases so should your protein intake.  The reason being that the more active you are the more muscles you breakdown and repairing it requires you to have more protein.  

Benefits of protein 

Outside of providing muscular development and supporting other structural integrity in your body, protein plays a major role in losing weight as well.  Consuming enough protein suppresses your hunger.  That’s one major reason why high protein, high fat and low carb diets work so well when it comes to losing weight (at least initially).  It’s much harder to over eat protein rich meals, since it makes you full faster and keeps you full longer, there by reducing your total caloric intake. 

Consuming sufficient protein combined with ample healthy fats allows you to curb your (refined) carbohydrate intake as well.  Consuming refined carbs is the biggest reason for gaining weight along with a slew of other health problems.  Basically boils down to insulin.  The more refined carbs you eat, the more your insulin rises and the fatter you get…it’s as simple as that.  You can cut out refined carbs and replace it with unrefined carbs like vegetables and fruits.  These foods have much less impact on your insulin, so it won’t increase your fat accumulation. 

The flip side of replacing refined carbs with unrefined carbs is that they are very low in calories, which is a good thing from the stand point of losing weight, but calorie deficit also makes your hungrier.  Uncontrollable hunger is the number one reason why diets fail.  So satiety is a must if your want to stick to eating healthy unrefined carbs, and this is where protein can really help.  You can shift some of the caloric deficit by consuming more protein, which should also increase your satiety, since protein suppresses hunger and keeps you full longer.  In addition, digesting protein takes more energy (process known as thermogenesis) than digesting (refined) carbs.  Therefore, you burn more calories, curb your appetite and control insulin levels all by eating protein. 

As mentioned earlier, your body technically does not (technically) need carbohydrates to survive.  Remember, carbohydrate provides energy, but our body has an amazing ability to turn fat and even some protein into the same basic components, that carbs breakdown into, to provide energy.  The process is called gluconeogenesis, and it converts other non-carbohydrate food sources into energy in the absence of sugar, and the best part about this process is that it forces your body to burn fat as the primarily energy source instead of sugar, so you can burn more calories from your stored fat.  Now don’t get me wrong, I believe that unrefined carbohydrate is vital to a well-balanced and healthy diet, but the benefits from the foods like fruits and vegetables don’t necessary come from their sugar content, but rather from other micronutrients, like vitamins, and anti-oxidative qualities that they provide instead.  

Needless to say it’s important to consume enough protein (and fat, but I’ll get into that in a separate article) if you want to lose weight, stay lean and have a healthy diet.  

So here’s the quick summary: 

  • Protein is made of a chain of amino acids which are essentially building blocks for your body
  • Protein is necessary to build lean muscle
  • Protein and fat are both essential for survival
  • The best source of protein comes from animal protein, since it provides all 10 essential amino acids
  • Diet rich in protein and fat allows you to reduce or eliminate refined carbohydrate consumption, helping you control insulin levels and lose weight
  • Protein helps suppress hunger
  • Protein burns more calories through digestion