11-13-10 BLAKE

When I read this is just captured exactly how I felt this past veterans day.  I really didn’t think I could have said it better and look forward to a memorial/hero WOD tomorrow!  Don’t forget we will be holding an 8:30 a.m. FREE introduction to CrossFit class on the 13th.

“I don’t really know how to say it any better. We thank all of our veterans for their service and sacrifice. And when I say “our”, I mean all American veterans. These days, some seem to believe that this country isn’t the best place to live. They should tell this to all of those that struggle to get here on make-shift rafts, tucked away in trucks, and any other way they can. No other country has so many people desperate to get to it. The best nation on Earth needs the best to protect it, and that’s what we’ve got. God bless you all!” – Courtsey of CrossFit Triangle

This NEW HERO WOD was just added by CrossFit HQ, so we will be doing it on the 13th. 

We have too many heroes lost and not enough workout days to commemorate them. I think it’s fitting to always think of the men and women in service, whether military or peace officers and public safety, as we do our workouts. A bit of motivation to throw a little of our sweat and maybe a drop of blood on the floor in their honor.


Four rounds for time of:
100 foot Walking lunge with 45lb plate held overhead
30 Box jump, 24 inch box
20 Wallball shots, 20 pound ball
10 Handstand push-ups

Here are some ideas for HSPU progressions.

U.S. Navy Senior Chief Cryptologic Technician David Blake McLendon, 30, of Thomasville, Georgia, assigned to Naval Special Warfare Group 2 Support Activity in Norfolk, Virginia, was killed September 21, 2010, in a helicopter crash during combat operations in the Zabul province of Afghanistan. McLendon is survived by his wife Kate McLendon, his parents David and Mary-Ann McLendon, his brother Chris McLendon, and his sister Kelly Lockman.

CrossFit IoTA Blake Scorecard

Coach Brett – Happy Birthday from all of us!

Coach Brett - 195# overhead squat - This is one of his FAVORITE lifts.

Tell us about yourself…. I grew up in River Heights. Went to Mt. Crest High, served a mission in New York City, and thought I would live there forever. Then I flew over the great Salt Lake and the mountains coming home to Utah and knew I would never leave. I now live in Hyde Park with my great family, (Kelli, Adria (8) Allie (5) and Max (2)) and run Evolution Design out of Smithfield for work.

What is your day job? At Evolution Design we fabricate and install granite and quartz countertops. I told Mike Balls the other day this is how I learned to squat. This stuff is heavy!

How were you introduced to CrossFit? My neighbor (Paul) came into my driveway one day and said he had been doing it for 2 months and he now actually had biceps! I figured, hey why not?

What is your favorite WOD or Lift? Tough Question, I dream new ones up daily. Anything with a set of heavy squat cleans gets me excited.

What is your favorite skill/movement that you have learned at CrossFit IoTA? I Love it all, and am most anxious to hang the rings and rope and get to work on those.

How has CrossFit changed your life? Besides warping my mind? 🙂 I can do things I used to do, and I plan on doing things I could have never done without it. Mainly mentally I believe I can accomplish anything because I accomplish something hard every morning.

One word to describe me would be… Driven.

I have always wanted… To hunt bighorn sheep on a backcountry hike in only expedition.

Outside of the gym, I like to… Be with my family, especially in the outdoors. I love to hunt, hike, camp, fish etc.

Three things you would always find in my fridge… Milk, Eggs, Spinach.(popeye knew his stuff.)

Something nobody knows about me or would be surprised to know about me… If Doug hadn’t spoiled it I would show you some sweet pictures of the mullets we sported in high school. Pretty Gross.

Favorite physical activity outside of CFI… Probably more crossfit, but love to backpack/hunt.

Favorite place to eat in Cache Valley… Kelli’s Diner (aka my kitchen.)

Song(s) that gets me pumped up for a workout… I like it loud, and fast other than that it doesn’t matter too much.

The last thing I ate was… chicken breast and a glass of milk.

My proudest accomplishment is… Marrying the right girl, and having crazy kids.

My six month goal is… Im hoping to have the courage to drag myself to the crossfit sectionals.

If I could have ANYBODY (living or dead) over for dinner, it would be… another tough one? probably my grandpa max and grandma abee, I was too young to realize how awesome my grandpa was and would love to have known him better now.

My favorite workout attire is… I have a small problem with buying new gear all the time, its a good thing paul makes sweet shirts cause I have a ton of favorites.

My favorite workout partner(s)… Everyone at Iota (and Steve Smith) but nothing better than side by side with Paul we’ve done a lot of work together!

If you created a WOD and named it after yourself what would the workout be? I’ve rethought this one too many times, but I think Paul has the original written down somewhere. Just make it hard and heavy Ill like it!

I truly don’t know what I could say about Brett that would do him justice. He is a great friend and I couldn’t do what I do without him. Our wives are both jealous of the time we spend together both in and out of CrossFit as we serve together in Church and Scouts together. Thanks for your hard work, dedication and passion. – Coach Paul

11-12-10 HELEN

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRETT!!  Thanks for being a dedicated coach.

400m run
21 Kettle Bell Swing (53#/35#)
12 Pull Ups

CrossFit IoTA Helen Scorecard Nov 12, 2010

Compare to your 9-24-10 score here.


Saturday morning at 8:30 am we will be having a free introduction to CrossFit.  If you have a friend that has been nervous to come give CF a try, bring them in saturday morning.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY – JULIE KING!! Saturday we will be doing a memorial/hero WOD in remembrance of Vetrans day. I am grateful for this wonderful country that we live in and for the freedoms we enjoy because of the sacrifice of so many Hero’s.

Tabata Squats (complete 8 intervals of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest, counting total reps for your score.)
1 min rest
1 Turkish Get Up Each Side
7 Knees to Elbow
14 Sumo Deadlift High Pull


“I think mass hypnosis is unlikely and the fact that this program really works is the reason we’re all here.” — Greg Glassman (Founder and CEO of CrossFit)


10 Plate Squat Cleans
15 Pull-ups
20 Double Unders

Coaches Challenge
(a) CrossFit Total – The CrossFit Total is the sum of the best of three attempts at the squat, the press, and the deadlift, the three most effective lifts in existence for developing and testing functional strength.
1 Rep Max Press
1 Rep Max Deadlift
1 Rep Max Squat
Read here for the complete rules for each lift and this WOD.

(b) After completing the CrossFit Total, 400m sprint for time.


“Remember that nobody will ever get ahead of you as long as he is kicking you in the seat of the pants.” Walter Winchell


Sign-ups are going on now for the 2010 Turkey Trot. You can sign-up at the Smithfield Rec Center or at the Box. As this is a local event it would be great if our CrossFit IoTA Family turned out again in force, just like we did for the Hyde Park fun run back in July.

5 min AMRAP
10 Kettle Bell Swings / 10 Box Jumps
1 min rest
5 min AMRAP
10 Wall Balls / 10 Pull Ups
1 min Rast
5 min AMRAP
10 Burpees / 10 Knees to Elbows

1 min rest
2 min max rep double unders

5 min AMRAP
10 – Push Ups / 10 Squats
1 min rest
10 – Sit Ups / 10 – Burpees
1 min rest
For time: 400m run – 100m broad jump – 400m run


“We may think there is willpower involved, but more likely change is due to want power. Wanting the new addiction more than the old one. Wanting the new me in preference to the person I am now.” — George Sheehan