6-30-10 WOD

for time, 20 down to 1

So this WOD goes like this…20 Squats (do them over the med-ball for proper depth), 20 push ups, 19 Squats, 19 Push Ups, 18, 18….continueing in this manner until you reach one of each and then you are done.

5:15 pm class CANCELED JULY 1st! Our apologies for the inconvenience, but we will be back to our regular schedule next week!!

The Trouble with Double-Unders by Jon Gilson of Again Faster

Jumping Too Early: Time your jump so it happens just before the rope hits your feet. If you jump when the rope is at its apex, it will need to do 2.5 revolutions to go under your feet twice. If you jump when it’s about to hit the ground, it only has to do two.

Making Speed with the Arms: You want your wrists to do the work, not your entire arm. Revolving from the wrists is quick, from the elbows slower, from the shoulders, slower still. We want speed, so keep the arms quiet and the wrists fast.

Making the Rope “Short”: Keep your elbows at your sides and your hands where you can see them. If you push your arms out, you’re effectively making the space inside the rope smaller, and you’ll trip. If your hands are behind you, you’re tensioning your biceps and slowing your wrists.

“Courage is the discovery that you may not win, and trying when you know you can lose.” – Tom Krause


6-28-10 WOD

5 rounds, for time;

40 Double Unders (3:1 Singles)
30 Box Jumps (24″/20″)
20 Kettle Bell Swings (53#/35#)

LHS Soccer WOD – “Griff”
800m run
400m run backwards
800m run
400m run backwards

SSgt Travis Griffin
In honor of USAF SSgt Travis L. Griffin, 28, who was killed April 3, 2008 in the Rasheed district of Baghdad by an IED strike to his vehicle. Travis is survived by his son Elijah. 

Just a reminder that we will have a limited schedule this week and if you would like to run the Freedom Run in Lewiston on July 5th please sign up here. You have the option of running 1 mile, 5k or 10k, so come and have a good time with fellow CrossFitters our community on July 5th.  If you sign-up before Friday the cost for the race is $6.00. Day of the race the cost of the race will be $10.00.  We will also have our CrossFit IoTA Team shirts available the morning of the race for $10.00!

Common sense when training

I’d like to share three tips that have to do with “common sense” when training.  For many of you this will be obvious, but sometimes the obvious just needs to be clearly stated.  YOU are responsible for your training as much as I or your other coaches/trainers are.  You know your body better than anyone else and good communication with those helping you is essential to your success.

Tip #1 – It’s not always about a PR.

We all know that CrossFit is all about performance and everyone that is a part of the program wants to get better.  Even things as simple as swinging a heavier Kettle Bell, doing the workout as prescribed, or completing your first pull up matter, and rightfully so!  Many of us however are constantly evaluating ourselves compared to others in the gym, at the track or at an event that we are participating in.  Those of you who are serious about your training really want to see quantifiable improvement in your performance, weight, etc.  However you need to remember that it is acceptable, if not normal, to perform at sub-max levels on a daily and/or weekly basis.  By submax I mean NOT hitting a personal record every time a benchmark comes up or you go and compete. 

There is a theory in the fitness community called “super compensation”.  Super compensation basically states that training will cause you to appear deconditioned for a period of time before your body adapts and you actually get better.  Ideally (and we all know that as CrossFiters we are to be ready for anything, at any time) this is when you should attempt PR’s.  Conversely when you attempt max efforts while in the “deconditioned” state you should not expect record times or weights.  PR’s are actually a good representation of your abilities. This is simply an indicator of an effective training program.  Moral of the story, don’t freak out if you don’t PR every time you attempt a workout, be just as happy with yourself when you complete a WOD, as when you PR.  

Tip #2 – Are you hurt or are you injured?

Many fitness programs prescribe to the theory that “if you want to get better at something, keep doing that same thing over and over” (ie if you want to be a better runner, then you need to just run).  Sounds great in theory right?  In practice this is really a beat down of a program and forces you to work at your max effort or long slow distances (see tip one) on a daily basis.  Bottom line this hurts, like down in the bones hurts. 

Now, lets distinguish between injury and being hurt, or hurting.  An injury is essentially something caused by some outside agent and can include anything from a broken collar-bone to a bruised toe (both are very painful) and will require time off to heal.  Hurting is simply a painful sensation, either caused by physical suffering or mental anguish.  The mind can really mess with you when it and or your body, gets pushed to the brink.  Think about how you felt the last time you PR’d, did a bench mark or gave everything you had on a WOD.

So now, an important question to ask yourself when you are training and decide something hurts.  Are you “hurt” or “injured”?  When i ask this i am looking for an answer that tells me if the specific movement we are doing will make whatever is hurting, worse.  If it will make the pain worse, then most likely you are injured and need to take time off to heal.  If it doesn’t make it worse, you are just hurting.  Bottom line, hurting is ok, injury is not.

Tip #3 – If it seems like a bad idea, it probably is. 

Going into a workout you need to know your abilities and limitations.  If you walk in a see 135# power snatch in the workout, scale the weight.  Your coach should be able to help you, but it is still your responsibility to ask for help if you need it.  Remember, first learn the skill, then do it faster, then do it longer.

Bottom line, be smart.  Take responsibility for your fitness, health and wellness.  Be the best that you can be and be proud of being the best you!

Saturday Team WOD – Holding

Team of two (preferably Male/Female):
1st Person will do the holding exercise
2nd Person will do the work exercise, reps are counted by the work exercise.
– athletes can switch between the couplet as needed.
– each couplet is done for 5 mins with 1 min rest between transitions.
1st: Plank w/toes on 12″ box for men, on toes for women (holding) / Pushups (Reps)
2nd: 95#/65# held overhead (holding) / Pullups (Reps)
3rd: Wall Sits (holding) / Wall Balls (Reps)

Rep Exercises cannot be done unless partner is in the holding exercise.

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25x Pull-up
50x Deadlift @ 135# / 95#
50x Push-up
50x Box Jump @ 24″ / 20″ box
50x Floor Wiper @ 135# / 95# 
50x KB Clean and Press @ 36# / 25# (KB must touch floor between reps)
25x Pull-up
300 reps total

CFI "300" Scorecard 6-25-10
Lane and Ryan hitting the floorwipers during 300.
Taking it outside on a BEAUTIFUL Cache Valley morning!

“CrossFit makes waking up in the morning and daily life much easier. After experiencing workouts that could leave you laying in a pool of sweat gasping for air after only 3-5min is mind blowing after years of spending hours in the globo gym hitting bicep curls and db bench press. Familiar with the usual routine strength plateaus, how could you want to go back? CrossFit’s variations continue to create PR’s and keep you feeling younger and more fit everyday.”
-Tonya Wagner, 2009 CrossFit Games Female Champion

6-24-10 WOD


200m run
10 – Kettle Bell Swings
15 – Box Jumps
20 – Sit Ups

Thanks to PRACTICE CROSSFIT for this amazing post!

When your questioned about where you workout at, what do you say to explain CrossFit? Try some of these the next time someone asks.

-I train in a box. It has walls…sometimes. Sometimes we go outside. Sometimes we meet elsewhere. Its not the location I value, its the people.

-I train in an open space, because bars and my training partners fly everywhere. There is not equipment in the way, only my friends near me as we all struggle together, and are rewarded all the same.

-I train in a warehouse with no air conditioning and big garage doors. If you didn’t know where it was, you would never find it. There is not much of a sign outside. The signs of training are all inside, working, or helping one another.

-I train where advertising is sacrilege. I train where I am a walking advertisement.

-I train with people I truly enjoy, and would do anything for, not where I need to put ear phones in to block out all the annoying banter. When we go, we hear yells, trainers instructing, or loud music making us go even harder…not elevator music!

-I train in a place where if I am negative, I will be addressed by at least one person about my stupid attitude, and if I am unlucky enough on that day, I may be asked to leave, and come back when Im better, because I am effecting the core by “my stupid” baggage that is meant to be burned at the door.

-I train where if I want to keep my shirt on I can….but there are no rules saying I have to…no attention will be paid, because its all about the training, not about meat markets. If you want a pick up joint, look elsewhere.

-I train where Im valued and truly appreciate for showing up and putting forth true, real, demanding effort.

-I train where I am judged on my movements and attitude everyday. Not because my friends (the trainers) are jerks, but because they truly want to make me better at life, and want success for me not injury. A poor performance means someone will care enough to help me make it better, and find out why it happened to begin with.

-I train in a place void of gossip. Rumors are unwelcome at all times and if I was stupid enough to ever spout anything negative, or even just not positive about one of my training partners, or any other training location for that matter. Drama queens are eaten alive where I train.

-I train where everyone applauds when I do well, and I applaud for them when they do well.

-I train where justification is the devil, and honesty is gospel. For if I lie or cheat, I am only failing myself.

-Where I train life happens, the difference is, here I have to confront my downfalls and improve not hide them away for tomorrow.

-I train to be better at life. The unknown and unknowable. To one day be able to help someone less fortunate than I. To be able to be moving on my own when I’m old and gray, not being moved.

-I train because I want the mirror to be an outward reflection of how I feel inside, which is pretty darn good, and I want it to stay that way.

-I train because laziness sickens me, and preventable disease is exactly that…preventable through effort, not medication.

-I train to be different than those before me. To go out swinging, not resting. To live valiantly, not cowardly.

-I train where the floor could double as a pool at times because people actually work hard. I don’t care, that’s how it should be.

-I train with football players, grandmas, kids, housewives, doctors.

 -I train with people of every walk of life, and if I cared about status…someone would make me leave.

-I train where education daily is paramount, and if I’m not a constant student, I will fail quickly.

-I train where we are all equal, because we truly are. The only thing that separates people is the attitude to believe this is true or not. The ones who believe they are better than others, are so much better….they aren’t allowed to train with me.

-I train with people that make my day better!

-I train in a place where I want to be, not a place I feel I have to be.

-I train under expectations. Expectations to be better than I did yesterday. 

-I train in a community dedicated to the whole. The success of the many. this is the reason we all change and progress so fast. Where I train its not about “I”….its about “US”
I train….what do you do?

Because life’s not 3 sets of 10 or a 5 mile jog every morning! – Paul

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