15 min AMRAP
6 Kettle Bell Swing
12 Knees to Elbow
18 Walking Lunge

15 min AMRAP
3 Clean (Heavy) – Clean is from the ground and can be power or squat
9 Knees to Elbow
12 Walking Lunge (w/plate overhead or bar on shoulders)

This is the last week for our BURPEES for SANTA fundraiser. We are on DAY 38 = 38 BURPEES and final donations are due on the 9th, Thursday, so that we can go shopping for the family Friday morning and get everything turned into SUB for SANTA on the 10th.  If you would like to know more about the family that we have been given you can find that info here.  Thanks to everyone who has supported this effort and made this such a successful service opportunity for a family in need in our.


As 2011 nears there is a lot of talk amongst many of our members and coaches about the things we would like to do both individually and as a group in the coming year. Many of us have goals to compete in various races throughout the year such at the Top of Utah Half and Full Marathons, Lotoja and the Cache Valley Biathlon. In an effort to draw our community together we will be starting a page that will list the events and the CFI members who will be going to those events so that we can come together, support each other, carpool, pull teams together, etc. If any of you already have 2011 dates and events on your schedules, e-mail the info to us and we will add it to the page. I should have everything put together in the next few weeks and of course one of the first events for EVERYONE is the Dirty Dash on June 4th. Many of us have already signed up and if you have not and would like to come with our team, contact Paul and we will add you to our group of 30+ members that will be going.


Athlete Profile – Stacey Baker

What is your day job? I manage the Smithfield Chevron & keep accounts at my husbands shop, Baker Machine

How were you introduced to CrossFit? I was told to try it by people who knew I liked to work out & had done it themselves

What is your favorite WOD or Lift? I love the “300”..or maybe “Murph”…can’t decide!

What is your favorite skill/movement that you have learned at CrossFit IoTA? Butterfly Pullups…thanks Brock and Habb

How has CrossFit changed your life? My kids think I eat, sleep & drink it… is that so bad? LOL. My motivation for fitness has grown into more than just a number on the scale. I feel stronger, more confident & that makes me a better wife & mom.

One word to describe me would be… Peace Maker

I have always wanted… to go somewhere warm with a sand beach & clear water

Outside of the gym, I like to… take spontaneous trips with Glenn, dirtbiking with my family & getting pedicures…oh ya & tanning!

Three things you would always find in my fridge… salsa, eggs & almonds

Something nobody knows about me or would be surprised to know about me… I have a TATTOO…..it’s my eye liner. haha

Favorite physical activity outside of CFI… Waterskiing

Favorite place to eat in Cache Valley… Cafe Rio

Song(s) that gets me pumped up for a workout… Pour Sugar on Me by Def Leppard/Mims, Better Version & Second Chance by Shinedown, Little Smirk by Theory of Deadman, Addicted by Saving Abel, Tik Tok & Your Love is My Drug by Ke$ha

The last thing I ate was… Chicken Soft Taco

My proudest accomplishment is… Marrying my best friend in the right place.

My six month goal is… I’d like to run a half marathon

If I could have ANYBODY (living or dead) over for dinner, it would be… My mom, who passed away 11 years ago.

My favorite workout attire is… shorts & a tank top

My favorite workout partner(s)… Michelle & Alison…and everyone at the 5:30am class…

If you created a WOD and named it after yourself what would the workout be?
1 min max rep (with 30 sec. rest between)
Goblet Squats
KB Swing
Box Jump
Pull Ups
Wall Balls
Push Ups
Sit Ups
End with 400 Meter Run

“Stacey has really been a great addition to our CrossFit IoTA family.  It’s been awesome to watch her share what she has learned along here journey (and in case any of you have missed it you can check out her blog here) and lifted others around here to new heights.  The selfless attitude, willingness to share what she has learned and friendships that she has forged over the fast few months have really helped unite a lot of our members that attend the morning classes.  Stacey has also elevated her level of performance over the past 4 months and it has been very exciting to watch. Thanks for being dedicated and such a positive influence! – Coach Paul

12-4-10 Team WOD

As has become the trend as of late…Saturday turned into a team WOD!! In teams of 3 complete the following 4 stations and then repeat for a total of 2 rounds.  You must wait until your team member completes the station in front of you before you move on.
Station 1 – 500m row
Station 2 – 15 Plate Squat Cleans
Station 3 – 50 Double Unders
Station 4 – 20 Kettle Bell Swings

As I look back at November I can’t help but think what an exciting month we’ve had. As you can see below we had a lot of PR’s and this doesn’t even begin to show the number of people who improved across so many areas.  It is such a pleasure to get to know each of you better, to help you along your journey and watch you help and encourage each other.  We are truly building a great community!  Keep up the dedication, consistency and hard work.  It’s changing lives, just look at yours and those around you.

CrossFit IoTA November Goals and PR’s

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”Zig Ziglar

12-3-10 Tabata This

Tabata Intervals ( 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest repeated 8 times) is applied in turn to the Squat, Rower, Pullups, Sit-ups, and Push-ups with a one minute rotation break between exercises. Each exercise is scored by the weakest number of reps (calories on the rower) in each of the eight intervals. During the one minute rotation time allowed the clock is not stopped but kept running. The score is the total of the scores from the five stations. For more on this WOD and how it is properly scored click here.

CFI tabata this scorecard


Click on image to enlarge.

Compare to your previous score here.

Some of Sky View and Logan High's top cross country, track and soccer athletes doing some off season strength and conditioning.

BURPEES for SANTA – DAY 36 = 36 BURPEES (final donations due Dec 9th.)

NEW SCHEDULE on FRIDAYS!  We will be adding a 3:00pm class on Fridays, so our NEW Friday afternoon schedule will be 12:00pm, 1:40pm, 3:00 pm, 4:15 pm, 5:30 pm.

Looking for a great Christmas gift … All of our sweatshirts, long sleeve and short sleeve T-Shirts are back in stock!!  We also have window stickers and will have beanies in the next week and a half.

The principle is competing against yourself. It’s about self-improvement, about being better than you were the day before.-Steve Young


50 Double Unders (4:1 Singles)
25 Box Jumps
15 Burpees

BURPEES for SANTA – DAY 35 = 35 BURPEES (final donations due Dec 9th.)

NEW SCHEDULE on FRIDAYS!  We will be adding a 3:00pm class on Fridays, so our NEW Friday afternoon schedule will be 12:00pm, 1:40pm, 3:00 pm, 4:15 pm, 5:30 pm. 

Unbroken by Crystal Zarbatany
When I Fell… I got Up. Therefore, I never Fail.
When I was weak… I dug deep for strength. Tough Resilience.
Tired muscles came… I awoke my drive. Defining Belief.
Obstacles stumbled me…I leaped over barriers. Embracing Persistence.
Defeat passed by…I won with Determination.
Fear silenced me… Courage spoke to me.
Today YOU have a choice: Will Anything Break YOU?
I am Unbroken… My impossible is Nothing.
Unbroken on the Outside… Unbreakable within.


7 – Push Press
7 – Kettle Bell Swing
7 – Knees to Elbow

BURPEES for SANTA – DAY 34 = 34 BURPEES (final donations due Dec 9th.)

NEW SCHEDULE on FRIDAYS!  We will be adding a 3:00pm class on Fridays, so our NEW Friday afternoon schedule will be 12:00pm, 1:40pm, 3:00 pm, 4:15 pm, 5:30 pm. 

Jeremiah Esplin lettin that KB SWING!!!

“He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying.” — Friedrich Nietzsche


Happy Birthday Braden Call!!

Braden muscling for and getting the ball!

“Braden’s playing some of the best soccer I’ve ever seen him play. So much fun to watch. Guess that’s what a little CrossFit will get ya…ok a lot of CrossFit! Nice job Braden!” Tammy Call

1000m row
50 Wall Balls
50 Sit Ups
25 Wall Balls
25 Sit Ups

BURPEES for SANTA – DAY 33 = 33 BURPEES (final donations due Dec 9th.)

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal”
– Henry Ford