Lots of fun stuff happening with our CrossFit Iota Family tomorrow… GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!

Julie Davis and Deena Wolfley will be running in the Ogden Marathon – Jerry Hall, Stephanie Hall, John Apdaile and Paul will be competing in the Joy Ride Triathlon and last but not least Christna Palmer and Kolett Lewis are the race directors for the Richmond Black and White Days Cow-A-Bunga 5k and 1 mile fin run tomorrow. So if you’re looking for a fun 5k tomorrow head to Richmond…registration at 7:30 am and race starts at 8am!! I know Rick Hall and Kierra Whitteker where planning on holding down the team fort!!

Coach Doug will be at the box for a 7:30 am WOD for all those who want to get their Saturday WOD on!


5-20-11 Charles Barkley…Crossfitter?

100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats

Compare your previous time here.

Here is a little something for your viewing pleasure this evening… Charles is always entertaining!

You can call him Sir Charles, The Round Mound of Rebound, Olympic gold medalist, NBA MVP or hall of famer, and now you can call Charles Barkley a CrossFitter.

After a dominant pro career that spanned from 1984 to 2000, Barkley gained 100 lb. and struggled with injuries to his ankles, knees and shoulders. The legendary basketball star is now working out at CrossFit North Atlanta, and he’s hoping to reclaim his fitness.

“I don’t wanna die, so I want to get back into shape so I can enjoy my life,” Barkley says.

PART 1 Videos can be viewed below
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Part 2 Videos can be viewed bere
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60 seconds Wall Balls
30 seconds rest
60 seconds Walking Lunge
30 seconds rest
60 seconds Med Ball Sit-ups
30 seconds rest
60 seconds Box Jumps
30 seconds rest

Total all reps for your score

GOOD LUCK to all of the Sky View Track and Field Athletes who are competing in State tomorrow and saturday, especially to all of those who train with us at CrossFit IoTA! We’re looking forward to having you all back next week.

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”
– Thomas A. Edison

5-17-11 – “GRACE”


30 Clean and Jerks (135#/95#)

Rest as much as needed after completing Grace

1 Mile Run or 2k row for time

Note: For those who are not experienced with the clean and jerk, we will be spending plenty of time on technique and don’t forget we will be scaling the weight to your ability.

CFI Grace Score Board

Compare your previous time and weight here.

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”– Ralph Waldo Emerson

5-16-11 CrossFit is successful because it’s hard!!

200m run
21 Burpees
21 KBS
400m run
21 KBS
21 Burpees
200m run

Coaches Challenge
400-800-400m runs

CONGRATULATIONS to Stacey Baker for passing here CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certification exam and to Kyle Smith and Daryl Burr for successfully completing their CrossFit Level 1 Course and Exam this past weekend. We are happy to have you join our team of coaches and look forward to having you as part of our coaching team.

In this two-part video, CrossFit founder and CEO Greg Glassman explains the purpose of his program. Fitness throughout life is health, and the CrossFit community is leading the way toward transforming the world’s view of health and people’s ability to achieve it.

“CrossFit is constantly varied, high-intensity functional movement,” says Glassman.  Glassman defines CrossFit and fitness and discusses the direction CrossFit is headed.

Part 1 will be familiar to those who have been to a Level 1 seminar. It is the classic explanation of what CrossFit is. Glassman also defines fitness and explains the models used to measure it.

Glassman says CrossFit is successful because it’s hard—that is the nature of intensity and why so many other programs lack intensity.

“Successful people pursue hard things. Unsuccessful avoid them,” he says.

Part 2 takes that original explanation and looks toward the future. Glassman describes his “eureka moment”: finding that the area under the power-duration curve was the first “scientifically rigorous” measurement of fitness and encompassed all the other models perfectly. It can even be used to measure health.

“Your fitness is a snapshot of your health,” Glassman says.

CrossFit HQ has begun a massive endeavor to collect a wide variety of relevant health, fitness and business metrics through the affiliates and the global community. That data will be analyzed by scientists and physicians who will be looking to find best practices by answering this question: “Which of these things is causal, which is correlative?”

Part 1 is 32min 22sec and Part 2 is 25min 13sec – YOu can watch the videos here.  Find the time to watch these videos HERE (but it does come with the warning that Greg has a tendency to drop a few expletives in here and there).  This is what it’s real all about, being healthy and prolonging life!

My CrossFit Journey – Nancy Coburn

“Why are you spending that much money to put your body through that much pain?”

Well let me tell you….in the beginning of June of 2010. I could not dead lift 225 lbs. I could not squat and press 110 lbs. I could not do more than a couple of pull ups, no double unders, no toes to bar, no 20″ box jumps. For a matter of fact, I could not do much of any thing that took impact on my right foot. I had an injury that tore the fascia in the arch of my right foot, leaving painful scar tissue, and making it impossible for me to do my most favorite stress relief: RUN. In January of 2009, I found myself with a one year-old baby and I was at my highest weight of 183 lbs. I was so sick of myself. I found a new love in dieting and working out on the elliptical. Together they helped me loose 40 lbs. At first it came off like magic, then slowed to a steady pace, but I had hit a plateau and struggled to drop even one pound. Then a friend of mine (Allison Fullmer) told me how sore she was from a new work out. She told me about “a place called IoTA….but it has another name, I think Crossfit”. I had been looking into Crossfit Cache Valley for the past few months to shake things up a bit, but was to intimidated to join. When Allison told me this place just opened and there were not very many people going, I totally knew this was a good time for me to get started. I will be the first to say it, I was weak and totally out of shape.

In the beginning Paul told us all to take a beginning picture, and then to take one in three months so we could see the changes. Hello, I don’t need a picture of me half naked floating around for someone’s disposal and laughter, but I gave in and had my hubby take one. I was determined to see the change. At first I was a total addict. I could not eat, sleep, or breath enough Crossfit. I would see all these ladies online and thought I would never be like them. Yes, I adored their muscles and strength. But I just wanted to be skinny, ok and a little healthy. I was really weak and sore in my first weeks. I can remember saying if I have to do one more motion that has a squat in it, my legs are going to fall off. When my dad would see me so sore, he would say “why are you spending that much money to put your body through that much pain?” I could not walk up or down stairs, I could not sit on the toilet, I fell on it. I was always intimidated by the bench marks, but in some sick way looked forward to them. I was only going to give Crossfit one month, and if I did not lose any weight, I was going to quit.  But like I said, I was a little addicted so I thought I would give it two months. Around August, I was getting very frustrated when I looked in the mirror and got on the scale. What was this? I am up almost 10 lbs!! I was not doing this to gain weight. I just want to be skinny, and down to my goal of 128 lbs (my wedding weight). I was pissed. If any one knows me, I am not scared to voice my feelings when it comes to complaining. So one day as I was talking to Coach Tami, she challenged me to start eating according to the Zone. Let me give you a little insight about me… if it is not good for you, I LOVE IT. The Zone meant me eating tons of veggies, tons of protein, some fruit, and little to no sugar. I started the Zone at the end of August, and said I would do it for one month. My first 2 weeks sucked. They sucked BAD!! My body craved sugar. I was hungry. I was tired. My WODS sucked. Then all at once it kicked in. This strength came out of nowhere and the energy was there. My body felt awesome. I could do a work out and at the end say ok, lets do it again. This is what I had been waiting for. This is the way I would love for my body to feel.

At the end of September, I decided to take another picture and my measurements. I could see a slight change in my photos, but not enough to please me, given I am my worst critic. I had seen good changes in my work outs though and the weight I was lifting was getting heavier. I had my double unders after months of working on them, and I could do kipping pull ups. All these improvements made me happy with what I was doing. One big thing that changed with me at this point was my mindset. I wanted a healthy body. I liked the way I felt. But don’t get me wrong, I still wanted to be “skinny”, but my mindset was changing.

I have been through a lot of ups and downs, mentally and physically. One WOD I thought I would really push myself on was jumping up on all my box jumps, and jumping up to my hands on all my burpees. Well, that was a big mistake because I somehow I jarred my back and it put me out for 2 weeks. That put me behind 2 weeks. It even took me a while to get back in full grove of things. Just when I was feeling back to normal, me and Brandi were encouraged to Rx “Jack”: which is to complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

10 Push press (115#/85#)
10 KB Swings (53#/35#)
10 Box jumps (24″/20″)

Well, the push press got too heavy for me and I was going to drop the bar. I did not want it to bounce back and hit me, so I grabbed it in mid-air. Well, that was stupid, because there went my back again. It is hard to have physical injuries pull you down and you mentally want to do it, but your body stops you. It sucks. I have seen people come in and kick my butt in work outs, and I would say to myself, “what is going on? I have been doing this for months.” I got to the point that I hated looking at the clock when I finished the WOD. I hated looking at the board to see where I compared. I did not like this part of Crossfit. I hated for people to tell me how well they were doing and in my eyes, how bad I sucked. I was hitting an all-time low with Crossfit. I was not even giving myself the credit I deserved with all the improvements I was making personally. In February, I was even mad at myself for paying for 6 months in advance because I was really thinking about quitting. I was loosing my fire for it all. My eating had taken a downward spiral. Sugar, fat, carbs, and junk, you name it, I ate it. So of course this did not help the situation at all. I knew for myself where I had been, and I did not want to be there again either. So it was up to me to change my mindset and clean up my eating. It was hard. One day in my lows, I came and gave Paul an earful, telling him how my pants were getting tighter and the scale was slowly creeping up. I was not feeling like I was getting any stronger or faster. I was frustrated and mad. Then, to make it even harder, all of the people who were kicking my butt started talking about doing a competition in Preston at the end of the month. I did not need to pay even more money to have the same people kick my butt. Then one day I sent a text to Paul telling him about what had happened in Japan. He sent a text back saying, “That sucks……hey are you coming with us to the competition?” Without really even thinking, I asked him when he needed the money and I would bring it to him. What was I doing to myself? This was like self sabotage. I knew dang well I would not score high. Then, I finally pulled my head out and said to myself, “WHO CARES! I have not gone through this journey for any one else but myself. Just do this competition for yourself.” That was probably one of my best moments! It really changed my thinking and my frame of mind. The competition was great. I did not come in last, but pretty dang close. All in all, I was okay with that and I was proud of what I had accomplished. It kind of even gave me some of my fire back. I cleaned up my eating and really tried to work harder at my WODS. After venting to Paul, I wanted to see how many inches I had gained. So I took my measurements again, and to my big surprise I had not gained any inches since September. Talk about self sabotage. I was playing all these bad mental games on myself. Joke’s on me. Now it has been almost three months and I can see the changes. I can feel them. I even took pictures and measurements and now I have the proof that all of my hard work and eating healthy has paid off. I have lost just under 14 inches since September. The killer thing is, I am up 7lbs since my first day at Crossfit Iota. Do people still kick my butt? You bet. But now I love it. They push me, and they help me get through. They want to see me do just as good at a WOD as I want myself to do. These people are my friends and my cheerleaders.

I would not give up any of my hard work to see the changes in the photos of my before and now. I would say after, but I am still a work in progress. I am humiliated by my photos and I am not proud of the way I once looked. But if they can in any way help push someone else through their hard times, I will show them to anyone. Just keep in mind the scale doesn’t matter. I am 7 lbs heavier in the last picture than I am in the first. So why do I spend the money to make my body feel this way? No, I don’t like the pain. I like the change. I like the weight I can move on the bar. I like my pull ups, double unders, box jumps, floor wipers, toes to bar, lunges, toe push ups, burpees, and for the fact that I ran a 5K, which I had not done one in almost 4 years. Muscle kicks butt! And I want to build as much muscle as I can to kick all this fat off of me.

Being heavier on the scale with muscle beats being “skinny”!!Nancy

CrossFit isn’t me, Brett, Tami or any of our other great coaches. Sure we’re there to help, teach, encourage, correct, create an environment for your success, etc, etc, but at the end of the day it’s really within each you. You decide who you want to be, how hard you push yourself, what your range of motion is, your level of intensity, your level of commitment, consistency and so on. Crossfit is Nancy… its each of you. I’ve had a front row seat to her, and all of your journies..loving every minuet of it.  Look around our box at those who have applied themselves to what we teach, who push themselves to do their best working at the margins of their ability and are consistent in their attendance. This isn’t a fad, it’s life. We train to be better at life and to be able to do the things we enjoy. Thank you Nancy for sharing your journey so far with us and inspiring others around you to keep going. You inspire us all, keep up the great work! – Paul

June 2010, September 2010, April 2011