Competition Details

I’m excited to announce the 2019 Iota Fitness Challenge, and it’s one I believe every member can be competitive in, regardless of gender, age, or athletic ability.

The first rule is that there are no rules. Fitness is different for everyone – so you determine the best plan forward for you. The winner of this challenge is determined by scores in the following categories:

  1. Muscle mass gained (start to finish)
  2. Fat lost (start to finish)
  3. Workout score

For muscle gains, contestants will be ranked according by gain and awarded a point(s) for the rank.

For fat lost, the body fat percentage will be adjusted for men and women. The adjusted scores will be ranked and points will be awarded based on rank.

The workouts will be designed by the coaches and scored like a normal crossfit-style competition, ranked by performance or weight.

The scores from all three categories will be added together, and the lowest total score wins. Questions? Tom Apedaile is the algorithm genius behind the competition, and will graciously answer your questions in person or by email:

If you have NOT gotten your scans done at Complete Nutrition already, you must do that this week. You need to do two scans on two different days at different times of the day. They will give you a printout. Turn this paper into Daryl. This data is your start point. You will do this again at the end of the challenge.

Here’s the details:

Cost: $30, includes a t-shirt
Starts: NOW
Ends: Week of April 15th. Two more body scans to complete that week, along with the workout.
Prizes: Cash for 1st place!

This year, we’re adding a People’s Choice Award – contestants post goals and achievements on the board. Put some time and thought into your goals – whether it’s a number on the scale or on the bar, make it measurable. Post your goals, share your accomplishments, and shamelessly campaign for yourself to win the People’s Choice Award.

To sweeten the pot, Iota Fitness is kicking in $10 for each participant. There will also be a People’s Choice award supplied by Iota Fitness.  There may be additional prizes for runners up.

Nutrition: Are you interested in having someone come and talk nutrition and answer questions? Talk to Daryl and let him know. He can get something set up if there is enough interest.

Sign up TODAY by filling out this form (that gets you your shirt size, too) and pay Daryl ASAP, however you usually pay him.