3-14-13 – Open WOD 13.2 Announced

tomorrowIf you would like to do the CrossFit Games Open Workout 13.2 you are welcome to do it Thursday or Friday. You can find the details for that workout HERE.

Clean and Jerk
2×1 @ 75% / 2×1 @ 80% / 2×1 @ 85% / 2×1 @ 90% / 2×1 @ 85% / 4×1 @ 75% – rest 30-60 sec between lifts

Push Press (95#/65#)
Med Ball Sit-ups
700m row Finisher


2-28-13 Squat Snatch

willJon Wells has the greatest birthday, February 29th! I don’t know if he’s even ten yet! Hope you have a great Birthday Jon.

LIFT: 20 min to establish your 1 Rep Mas Squat Snatch or Clean and Jerk.

1000m row
Double Under
Toe to Bar

Compare your previous lift and WOD time here.



nailed itSTRENGTH
(Once you begin this should be completed in about 15 minuets time.  Come prepared with your weight amounts already known.)
Clean and Jerk
2×2 @ 75%
2×2 @ 80%
2×1 @ 85%
2×1 @ 90%
2×1 @ 95%
4×2 @ 75%
30-60 sec rest between sets

2,000 m row

This Saturday (FEB. 23rd 2013) @ 10:00AM “Bring the Heat” will be hosting Scott Northridge teaching a Paleo Cooking Class. Be sure and open up your schedule it will be well worth it. Cost is $5 all of it going to Scott and you will get some amazing samples of some healthy food. Everyone is invited to learn how to make delicious and sample some of these good eats! Also for those interested we will be having a group (possibly team) workout at 9:00AM (1 hour before cooking class) come and kill a workout before enjoying some tasty food!!! Workout is just for fun! — at BTH – “Bring the Heat”. – 125 South State, Preston, ID

1-31-13 How to Snatch


Squat Snatch (If you are struggling pulling under the bar, power snatch then Overhead Squat and work on position. As you get more comfortable try to link these two things together. FORM and CORRECT POSITION is EVERYTHING with this lift.)
9 @ 70% every 30 sec
7 @ 80% every min
5 @ 90% every min

1000m row
50 Doubles
20 Sit-ups

This video will give you a little perspective on the CrossFit Games and hopefully will get you excited to participate on our team during the open.


Happy Birthday to one of our newest members Jerry Goodridge.

oppertunitySrtrength: Back Squat
3×10 As Heavy As Possible
3 min rest between sets

12 min As Many Rounds As Possible
2 – 10 m run (down and back twice)
4 Power Clean (185#/135#) (if your max clean is more than 225#’s, use 80% of your 1 RM)
12 Hand Release Push-up


Even tough Scott’s not currently with us, he’ll be back from his Air Force training next month and we wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday!! Looking forward to having you back soon sir!abs

Clean and Jerk
15 min on the clock
Every Min on the Minuet perform 1 Clean and Jerk
4X1 @ 85%, 4X1 @ 90%, 2X1 @ 95%
10X1 @ 75% (75% reps are every 30 seconds and are all squat cleans)

5x300m row – 1 min rest between efforts