20 min EMOM
7 Dumbell Snatch (each arm) AHAP



Team Wod
500 m Row (250 each)
50 Wallball (pass to each other)
500 m Row
50 Power Clean (135/95) CC (155/115)
500 m Row
50 KBS (53/35)
500 m Row
50 Plate Burpees (45/25) alternating 1 at a time


15-20 min to complete
3X3 1/2 + 1 front squat (squat to depth, come up to paralell, back to depth
then stand all the way up)
In between sets, find 1RM seated box jump, starting with hips slightly below paralell.
The goal is to learn to be explosive while fatigued.

200 Back Rack Walking Lunges (75/55)
*Anytime the bar is dropped or you need to rest for more than 10 seconds
there will be a 5 Clean and Jerk penalty. If/when you have done
25 Clean and Jerks just finish the lunges un-weighted

*Be sure to thank coach Jeff for the workouts this week*