Wod 150 single jump rope 3X 7 power clean (135/95) 14 med ball sit-up then 800m run then 3X 7 power clean (135/95) 14 med ball sit-up 150 single jump rope coaches challenge 165/115 on the clean Post Wod 5X 30 sec handstand hold 1 rope climb(legless if you can) rest 1 min.


Technique 10 Min EMOM 3 High Hang Squat Clean (from the pockets) The goal here should be to get into the bottom of the squat as quick as possible Wod 4X- 3min(1 min each movement) on 90 second rest Overhead squats(75/55) Row for calories Pull-ups Score is total reps


Strength-Bench Press 1X15(45#-75#) 2X8 Moderately Heavy 4X3 AHAP Rest 90 Seconds between sets 2X15 with dumbbells WOD 5X 200m run 10 Deadlifts (155/105) 15 Push-ups 20 Air squats