A. Warm Up

3 sets increasing effort with each set

5 No Jump No Clap Burpees

-rest 15 seconds-

12 seconds sprint on rower

*this is meant to get your upper body and your CNS to wake up. Not MAX effort but build to a tough pace

B. Strength

Push Press

3 sets of 5 reps @ 30X3 Tempo

*Tempo is really – 3 seconds slowly down into a Touch and Go Push Press, with 3 seconds hold at top

C. Conditioning

30 Unbroken KBS 70/53lbs

Row 30/25 Cals

20 Unbroken KBS 70/53lbs

Row 30/25 Cals

10 Unbroken KBS 70/53lbs

*Unbroken Sets – if you cannot achieve 30 reps of KBS with the prescribed weight, then scale down to 53/35 or 62/44. With these sets you must finish all reps without putting the bell down

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