The newest public health order from the Bear River Health Department has allowed us to reopen. OPEN gym hours will resume in place of scheduled classes. Thank you for your patience during these unprecedented times. Please keep sanitizing equipment after use as well as staying home if dealing with any symptoms. Together we’ll stay healthy and strong.

A. Warm Up

3 sets NFT

20 Shoulder Elevated on Bench Hip Thrust (Fast reps)

10 Goblet Squats @ 30X0 Tempo

10 Ring Row @ 3030 Tempo

B. Strength

Touch and Go Power Snatch

3 reps Every Minute x 8 Minutes @ 55% of 1RM

C. Conditioning

10 minute AMRAP

10 Squats

9 DB Snatches, right arm 50/35

10 Push-ups

9 DB Snatches, left arm 50/35

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