A. Warm Up

Scapular Strength Isometrics

4 sets NFT

25-50 second Wall Facing Handstand Hold

25-50 second Passive Ring Hang

*Single Arm Hang For Coaches challenge

B. Strength

3-4 sets of the following superset

Strict Bar Dip

Up to 5 reps @ 3030 Tempo

Strict Pull Ups*

8-12 @ 10X0 Tempo

*4-6/arm Single Arm Rope Pull Ups for coaches challenge

C. Conditioning

12-15 minute EMOM

1st – 40 seconds Row

2nd – 15m Dumbbell Bear Crawl

3rd – 12 Dual DB Push Press***

*Choose to go 4 or 5 rounds based on your timing for the session and how your body is feeling

**Build your pace on every set on the cardio piece

***6-8 Devils Press for coaches challenge

****Record DB weight and total meters rowed

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