A. Warm Up

3 rounds NFT

10/8 cal row

10/arm Banded Plank Row 10X2

20m Crab Walk (high hips)

B. Strength

3 sets of the following superset

Bench Press

8 reps @ 10X1 Tempo

Chainsaw Row

8/arm @ 20X0 Tempo

*band these two movements for challenge

Banded Bench Press

Banded Chainsaw Row

C. Conditioning

5 minute AMRAP

10/8 calorie bike

8 Push Ups

6 Box Jump Step Down 24/20″

*Ring Push Up for challenge

-2 minute rest-

5 minute AMRAP

150/100m row

9 Wall Balls

9 GHD Hip Extension

*Two separate scores

*Scale GHD Hip Extension to Good Mornings with Medball

D. Extra

Segmented Snatch Deadlift

4 sets of 5 reps @ 3131 Tempo

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