A. Warm Up

3 rounds NFT

10m Lateral Band Walk/side with plate overhead

20 Hip Thrusts

20 Shoulder Taps

*Wall Facing shoulder taps for challenge

B. Strength

1-1/4 Back Squat

3 sets of 4 reps @ 33X1 Tempo

Tempo is read

3 seconds down

3 seconds hold bottom

X – perform the 1/4 squat and then return to the bottom then squat up

1 second pause at top

C. Conditioning

3-5 rounds

Every 3 minutes perform:

6 Air Squats

12 Windshield Wipers 6/side

8 Alternating Reverse Lunges

12/10 Calorie Bike

*record time for each round

**coaches challenge 53/35 KB Rack on squats and lunges

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