A. Warm Up

4 rounds NFT

Row 250/225m

8 Push Ups

4 Burpee Step Ups 24/20″

-rest 60 seconds between rounds-

B. Strength

3 sets of the following superset

Strict Dips

6 reps @ 22X2 Tempo

Strict Pronated Pull Ups

3-5 reps @ 22X2 Tempo

*if you can’t do tempo on these reps just do regular strict reps with no tempo

C. Conditioning

For time:

40 Anchored Feet Sit Ups

8 Wall Walks

40/34 calorie bike

8 Wall Walks

40 Anchored Feet Sit Ups

*GHD Sit Ups for coaches challenge

D. Recovery

5 minutes of Static Back (nasal breathing only)

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