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A. Warm Up

3-4 sets

20 Frog Pumps

20 Alternating Single leg RDLs

20 Wide Stance Banded Hip Thrust

B. Strength

3 sets

1-1/4 Back Squat

5 reps @ 31X1 Tempo

*3sec on the initial decent + 1 sec pause on intiial decent, then perform the 1/4 squat without any tempo

C. Conditioning

3 sets for time

100m run

6 Single Arm KB Overhead Squats/arm 53/35

100m run

-rest 60 seconds-

Airdyne 10/8 cal

16 Unbroken wall balls

Airdyne 10/8 cal

-rest 2 minutes before starting the next round-

*pick a rep range on the wall balls that will allow you to go unbroken

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