NO Weightlifting Class Tonight!!! Happy Halloween

A. Warm Up

12 minutes EMOM

1st Airdyne 30 seconds

2nd 15sec/side KB Side Plank

*bottoms up for coaches challenge

3rd 8 Banded Chops/side

B. Strength

4 sets of the following superset:

DB Bench Press

*incline for challenge

4 reps @ 5151 Tempo

Tall Kneeling Landmine Press

6 reps/arm @ 20X2 Tempo

C. Conditioning

3 rounds for time of:

15/12 cal row

12 Alternating KB Z Press 35/26

Airdyne 15/12 cal

30 seconds single arm plank/arm

*coaches challenge 44/35 KB

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