If you are interested in the Nutrition challenge go join our Facebook group! It’s called “Iota Fitness Nutrition Challenge” the point system will be posted on there as well as link to the web page that contains the recommended food lists. Challenge starts October 1st and will last 8 weeks.

More information available here

A. Warm Up

10 minutes Air dyne

*every 2 minutes

5 Kneeling Jumps (scale to tall box jump)

15 second Ring Plank (scale to tall plank)

B. Power Snatch

12 minutes to build to a 1 RM Power Snatch

C. Conditioning

For time:

100/80 cal row*

100 Wall Balls

50 GHD Sit Ups

100/80 cal airdyne*

*May substitute these for 1200m runs

*may scale to 10 sets of 10/8-10-5-10/8

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