A. Warm Up

3 Rounds @ 75%

Run 300m (build pace each round)

6 Single Arm Bottoms Up Kettlebell Press/arm

12 Sled Drag Face Pulls or banded face pulls

B. Strength

3 sets of the following superset

Strict Press

22X2; 4,3,2;

Strict Chest to Bar Pull-Up

Max Reps unbroken

C. Conditioning

3 rounds for time of:


Push Up

Box Jump Step Down 24/20″

Airdyne 10/8 Cals

-rest 2 minutes-

*coaches challenge ring push up

*Each round you will perform the full 12-9-6 workout meaning each movement gets 27 reps each with 3 cycles on the bike

**Every set increase your speed and shorten your total time

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