A. Warm Up

4 Sets NFT

6 Farmers Press/arm 20X0

10 Goblet Cyclist Squats @ 2010

20 Mountain Climbers (10/leg) – Slow and Controlled

*ring mountain climber for coaches challenge

B. Strength

Back Squat

20X1; 1.1.1; rest 15sec between reps of 1’s;

Every 3:30 x 4 sets

*Continue to build if you feel good. Execute great reps throughout.

C. Conditioning

3 Sets for time of:

Run 300m

8 C2B Pull Ups

6 Man Makers 30/20

8 C2B Pull Ups

Row 18/14 Cals

-rest 3 minutes-

1 man maker = push up, one arm row, push up, one arm row, burpee, squat clean thruster

*Scale C2B back to regular pull ups or Strict Pull Ups x 4-6reps

**coaches challenge man maker 50/35

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