A. Warm Up

3 Sets NFT

30 Band Pull Throughs

20 seconds Extended Wall Plank

10 Pike HS Shoulder Taps

*coaches challenge 25′ HS walk instead of Pike Shoulder Taps

B. Strength

3 sets of

Banded Deadlift

02X1; 4.4.4 reps @ 55-60%

(2 second pause at bottom before standing up, rest 15 seconds between within cluster set, 12 reps total per set)

Close Grip Bench Press

20X1; 7,6,5;


7 minute AMRAP

5 DB Deadlift

5 DB Front Squat

5 DB Rack Lunge/leg

5 DB Push Press

15m Dual DB Overhead Carry

*pick your own weight 25-50#, same weight for each movement

-rest 3 minutes-

Repeat 7 minute AMRAP

Pick up where you left off on first AMRAP

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