A. Warm Up

3-4 Sets NFT

5 Filly Z Press/arm

5 KB Rack Yo-Yo Squats (3 Positions)

*squat down to depth, squat up to just above depth, squat back down to depth squat up 75%, squat down to depth and then fully extend hips that’s one rep, may be done unweighted

20 Psoas March

B. Strength

Back Squat

30X1; 3 Reps Every 2:30 x 4 sets

*Building from last weeks loads


3 rounds for time of:

Row 500/450m

15 Pull Ups

12 Alternating KB Thrusters 44/26


45 Double Unders

-rest 3mins between sets-

*coaches challenge 53/35 C2B, Strict HSPU

**you may also run instead of row

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