A. Warm up

4 Sets NFT

6 Single Leg Banded Hip Thrust R 30X0

6 Single Leg Banded Hip Thrust L 30X0

12 Double Leg Banded Hip Thrust FAST

15m Crab Walk with Hip High

40sec Flutter Kicks

*challenge 20sec L Sit Flutter Kicks

30′ Curtsy Walk

B. Strength

Frog Stance Deadlift

21X1; 4,3,2,4,3;

*second set of 4 and 3 should be heavier than first set


6minute amrap

5 KB Snatch R 53/35

5 KB Snatch L 53/35

30 Double Unders

*coaches challenge 70/53

-rest 3 minutes-

6mins amrap

2 Wall Walks

15sec Wall Facing Handstand Hold (top of last wall walk)

15 Russian Kettelbell Swings 53/35

*coaches challenge 70/53

**scale wall walks to 20 tall plank shoulder taps

***scale 15sec handstand hold to 30 second tall plank

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