3 Sets NFT

6 Single Arm KB Z Press/arm

30sec 1/4 Squat Pulse

*KB Rack for challenge

20 Psoas March

+ Scapular Positional Strength and Active Mobility Work

2-3 sets

8-15 reps of Seated 45 Degree Incline Shoulder Abduction (45 Degree Incline Band Pull Aparts) -(2sec hold each rep)

B. Strength

Back Squat

Every 3:30 minutes 1.1 Reps

Tempo 31X1; rest 15sec between 1’s;

Or just do sets of two reps without reracking bar


4 Sets for time

Row 20/18 Calories

14 Dumbbell Front Squats 50/35

8 C2B Pull Ups*

8 Ring Dips**

-rest 90sec-

*scale C2B to pull ups or ring rows

**scale dips to bar dips or push ups

***coaches challenge 60/40 DB, UNBROKEN 12 reps on gymnastics

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