8.16.19 Olympic Lifting Technique Day

Focus today is on olympic lifts and the anterior side of our legs which is why we’re warming up with plyometrics (tall box jump) to wake up our central nervous system and box step downs to warm up our knees and hips for the wod.

A. Warm Up

EMOM for 12 minutes

1st – 4 Tall Box Step Down/leg 2111

*goblet load for challenge

2nd – 5 Tall Box Jump

*seated box jump if unable to do tall box jump, tall box jump doesnt mean jump to a tall box, it means jump and land tall on top of the box.

3rd – 30sec Row increase pace each round

B. Skill

4 sets of Hang Muscle Snatch Complex

2 Hang Muscle Snatch Above Knee

2 Hang Muscle Snatch Below Knee


3 sets of 6

Muscle Cleans


3 rounds for time of:

8 Burpee Box Jump 24/20″

10/8 Cal Air dyne

8 Dual KB Thrusters 44/26

10/8 Cal Row

8 Dual KB Front Rack Squats 44/26

*coaches challenge 5 rounds & 53/35

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