8.7.19 Shirt order due today!

Please have your shirt order placed by the end of day! Venmo, cash, and check are all acceptable forms of payment.

A. Warm Up

3 Rounds NFT

30sec Airdyne (build pace each round)

8/arm Filly Landmine Press 30X0

10m Quadruped Crawl

8 Banded Face Pulls


3-4 minutes of mobility

Kneeling lat stretch with pvc

*band around elbows for challenge, important here not to arch the low back, sink down into the hips

B. 3 sets of

Seated Press

3131; 6,5,5;

Dumbbell Cross Body Romanian Deadlift

4111; 5-7/arm;


4 rounds for time of:

10 Dual KB Deadlift

40m Kettlebell Cross Body Carry (switch hands at 20m)

10 Kettlebell Push Up

20sec supinated grip body row hold

*Chin Over Bar Tuck L Hold for challenge

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