A. Warm Up

3 Sets NFT

20sec/leg Single Leg Glute Bridge Hold

20sec Reverse Plank Bridge

20sec Tuck L-Sit on Parallettes

50′ A Skips


Hip Mobility x 4mins

90/90 KB Flow and Holds

B. 10 minutes Continuous Work Grinder. Not an AMRAP so be sure to maintain solid positions especially on the wall walks. Challenge yourself to get your nose and toes as the only things touching the wall, requiring a good hollow position. Records how many rounds you finish

3 Wall Walk

30sec Goblet Wall Sit 53/35

5 KB Snatch/arm 53/35

7 DB Bench Press 30X0 Tempo (neutral grip is important)

200m Run

C. through E. is optional but highly recommended!

C. 4 sets of

RNT Clean Grip RDL 3131 Tempo

8,7,6,6 rest 2-3mins

D. 3 sets of

6-8 reps of Barbell Floor Press 3011 Tempo

6-8 reps of Dual Dumbbell Prone Row 3021 Tempo

E. 2 sets of

6-8 reps/leg Split Stance Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift 5010 Tempo

5 reps/arm 1/2 Turkish Get Up

slow and controlled throughout range of motion


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