A. Warm Up 3 Sets NFT 30sec Single Leg Hip Thrust Isometric Hold *banded for challenge Feet Elevated Thoracic Bridge up to 30sec (slightly lower feet than last week, the higher the feet the easier it tends to be) *place bench against wall to stabilize 10sec L-Sit on Parallel bars 10sec Single Leg L-Sit on […]


A. Warm Up 3 Sets NFT 30X1 6-8 reps/leg Curtsy Step Down *goblet load for challenge 10m Lateral Band Walk *Dual KB Rack Lateral Band Walk for challenge 35 second side plank/side *20-30sec Side Star Plank/side for challenge + 2mins/side – Band Distracted Hip Flexor Stretch B. WOD 3 rounds for time 5 Dumbbell Man […]


A. Warmup 3 Sets NFT 4-6/arm @ 30X1 Tall Kneeling Landmine Press 15m Crab Walk Slow Deliberate 6-8/side Dumbbell Side Plank Powell Raise 30X0 + 3-4 minutes of Shoulder Mobility Overhead Squat With Thoracic Mobilization B. Strength – 3 sets of Barbell Z Press 3111; 4,3,2; Dumbbell Cross Body Romanian Deadlift 31X0; 6-8/arm; C. WOD […]