2.16.18 “Daniel McCartney”


“Daniel McCartney”

In teams of 3
2000 meter Row
14 Dumbbell Thrusters 50/35
34 Kettlebell Swings 70/53
484 Double-Unders
108 Burpees
2000 meter Row
18 Deadlifts 225/155

This Hero WOD is dedicated to Pierce County Officer Daniel McCartney who ended his watch on January 8, 2018.

The significance of the rep scheme is as follows: row and thrusters represent 2014, year he started with Pierce County, 34 swings signify his age when he passed away, 484 double-unders for his badge number, burpees for the date of his passing (1/08), another row and deadlifts for the year, 2018, when he passed. The 3 rounds are for the 3 sons he left behind.

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