7-24-16 After more than a month of consideration….

May 21, 2010 seems like yesterday. I remember the excitement and anticipation I felt reading the e-mail that said I had been accepted as a CrossFit affiliate. It was an exciting time to be a CrossFiter. The community of affiliates, owners and HQ was a tight group, that helped each other figure things out, run a better business, become a better coach, and just lend a listening ear. This year as May was drawing to a close, I didn’t feel that same sense of excitement. I knew I faced a hard decision this year, and I have finally come to a place where I am at peace with my decision. I will not be renewing my affiliation with CrossFit.

The truth of the matter is after 6 plus years everyone that wants to, knows what we do. Come tomorrow we’ll keep doing what we’ve always done. Post the workout, hold our classes, come have some fun, work hard and then go home happy. Nothing is going to change except the name to IoTA Fitness. Our gym and community have been a fantastic part of my life or a long time now and just changing the name, changes nothing. I look forward to seeing most of you tomorrow for another great day at the box!!

20 min
1 mile run
then AMRAP
9 Wall Ball
7 Burpee


Author: Paul @ IoTA Fitness

I like exersise.