7-6-16 Tabata Mashed Up

Perform exercise A for 20 seconds completing as many reps as possible. After the 20 seconds of work, take 10 seconds to transition to exercise B. Do exercise B for 20 seconds, again attempting to maximize reps, then rest 10 seconds. This is one round. Do eight rounds of the first set of exercises, rest for 2 minutes, then do 8 rounds of the second set of exercises. Record total reps for both sets as your score.

(8x) Set 1
Exercise A – Front Squat (75#/45#)
Exercise B – Push Press (75#/45#)

2 min Rest

(8x) Set 2
Exercise A – Sumo Deadlift High Pull (75#/45#)
Exercise B – Sit Up

Author: Paul @ IoTA Fitness

I like exersise.