4-9-15 And the winner is…

STRENGTH – Clean and Jerk
15 min Ever Min on the min
3 Touch and Go Reps –
Increase load at 5 min
The final 5 min should be about 60-65% OF YOUR 1 rm

Double Unders (3:1)
Sit Ups

Double Unders (3:1)

Compare your previous time HERE.

April 2015 Annie

Here is the moment you all have been waiting for….drumroll please…..after 45 days of full compliance to the  2015 whole 3O nutrition challenge, we have a winner!

Congratulations Sue Farmer!!!



“The nutrition challenge was very beneficial.  It naturally put me on track to eat more veggies, drink more water, and slay the sugar demon!  It was fun to try Whole30, and I felt more energized when I started eating clean.  Workouts felt invigorating when fueled by real food.  It was a lot of fun searching new recipes, and even though it takes a little more planning to eat right, it’s worth the effort.  I’m convinced that nutrition has an undeniable connection to health and happiness!”

A special thanks to PROGENEX for the great products for winner.

Now the challenge is over you may be thinking what’s next?  I highly suggest checking out the Whole 9’s page..Life After Your Whole 30.  Tons of info on what your next step should look like, and how to maintain your gains that you made.  We hope that everyone who participated found something valuable in their experience in the past 45 days.  As always feel free to check with any of your coaches if you have specific questions regarding nutrition.



Author: Paul @ IoTA Fitness

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