2-28-14 Progenex Elite Membership exclusively at CrossFit IoTA

As of March 2nd we will no longer be have a 6 pm class. If demand increases we will gladly bring it back. If you need a code to get in to accommodate your schedule just get with Paul and we can make that happen.

We’re also changing up our membership fees and options effective March 2015 – Please contact Paul about this if you have any questions.


Monthly Membership, Unlimited Classes – $100 per month ($80 per month on Auto-Pay)
Couples (Husband & Wife – or an immediate family member) – $170 per month ($140/month on Auto-Pay)
Active police/fire/paramedic/military: 20% Discount $65 month on Auto-Pay
Active full-time students/K-12 Teacher: 20% Discount $65 month on Auto-Pay
Punch Pass: $60 – 10 visits – Valid for 60 days after purchase
PROGENEX Pro membership – Include the Progenex product(s) of your choice on Auto pay for 3 consecutive months and receive a 15% discount from MSRP
PROGENEX Elite membership – Include the progenex product(s) of your choice on Auto pay for 6 consecutive months and receive a 20% discount from MSRP
(Visiting affiliate members first visit is free! Please have your coach email or call ahead so we can greet you and are aware you will be visiting.)

Refer a friend and once they have signed, receive a $20 gift certificate valid for Progenex, Wrist wraps or any other affiliate SWAG!



10x 45 sec per round
1 Snatch for the first 5 min – Full Squat
3 Snatch Touch and Go – Power or Muscle Snatch

600m-500m-400m-300m-200m-100m row for time
2 min rest between efforts
watch the clock for your min break decreasing each round by 100m and continue until you have completed each interval distance.

Coahes Challenge
Start at 1000m and go down by 100m row


A late Happy Birthday to Mindy Saunders on the 21st!!


STRENGTH – Back Squat
every 30 seconds for 4 min 1 rep @ 85% – 9 total reps
2 min rest
1 rep every min on the min for 4 min @90% – 5 total reps
Bar stays un-racked during the working time

4 Deadlift (135/95#)
6 Box Jump (24″/20″)
4 Kettlebell Clean and Press each arm (35#/26#)

Taller Box 30″/24″
Heavy Kettlebell 53#/44#

2-20-15 Barbara

Happy Birthday Jodi Richins.

5x – 3 min rest between rounds
20 Pull-ups
30 Push-up
40 Sit-ups
50 Squats

This workout is preformed with a rolling clock. Once you complete a round rest for 3 min before starting the next round. There will be a 45 min time cap for this workout.

Scale this workout to be appropriate for your experience level by doing 3, 4 or 5 rounds.