1-10-15 The Winds of Change

rissaThere seems to have been a lot of speculation that change was coming. Perhaps it’s just me or the fact that I’ve known that this day would eventually come. Change is simply a part of life. It’s the choices you make when times change that defines who you are. What ever the case may be, the time to share what has been in the works is here!

I am happy to announce that Coach Cerissa Hebdon will be purchasing the South gym and has already applied for affiliation with CrossFit HQ. I know she is the right person to pass along such a wonderful affiliate along to.

pw-ch-top of utahIn January 2012 when Cerissa first walked through our doors she was there to try it out for a month. Fast forward 3 years and she has an insatiable love and passion for CrossFit and helping others that is infectious. She has an amazing wealth of experience having coached for a few years and being Lvl 1, Olympic Lifting and Movement and Mobility Certified.

I couldn’t be happier for her and everyone else. She will be amazing and take such great care of everyone at our South Location. I also know that we have an amazing friendship and business relationship and will enjoying working with her as a fellow affiliate owner. I am confident that both communities will continue to prosper together. Our focus and goal will be to continue help and inspire everyone to be better; to be the best that you can be in all aspects of your life.

pw-ch-monsterbashThere will be a few small changes coming to both gyms, so stay tuned, but both Cerissa and I feel like they are changes that will improve what will be happening at both locations. These changes that will go into effect Feb 1st. (At the current North gym changes like a keyless entry for members during non-class times when you’re feeling the need for an extra rowing session or when you just need to work on those pull ups or when 7:30 am is just too early on Saturdays.)

I am confident that we can continue to grow and develop into better people. We can all achieve the goals we want if we will simply change and step out of our comfort zone. Use this time of change to your advantage by recommitting yourself to your goals. Do what you wanted and be who you wanted to become the first day you walked in through the door. NOW IS YOUR TIME! 
“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.” – Paul Whitteker, Head Coach, CrossFit IoTA



Author: Paul @ IoTA Fitness

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