1-6-15 A few thought on Cold War

3 min on the clock
EMOM – 3 Hang Muscle Snatch / 3 Hang Power Snatch / 3 Hang Squat Snatch
1 min to increase load

Hang Power Snatch (115#/80#)
Med Ball Sit-up (20#/14# – ball touches behind the head and then in front of the feet)

What a great weekend we had at the North Gym. I am always humbled at the community that exists at our box as well as the larger CrossFit community. In it 4th year Cold War was a roaring success thanks entirely to all of the amazing people that helped make it what it was. From the Judges, Equipment Team, Scoring team and our Media team we have the greatest group of people ever!!

It was also a lot to host 160 athletes from 9 different affiliates and to watch so many of our own athletes throw their hat in the ring and just have a lot of fun!  We where represented well in all categories and those that I talked to really enjoyed themselves.
Individual Women: Bailey Cellan (teen), Emma Hogan and Lynsey Falkenberg
Individual Men: Malik Hogan (teen), Matt Oare, David Wood and Dakotah Holmes
Women Team: Cerissa Hebdon and Kendl Watt
Men Team: Ryan Davis and Jason Davis (Ute), Charlie Cellan and Casey Peterson, Daryl Burr and Habb Wells, Tom Apedaile and Tyler Andrus

Thanks for being a part of a group of special people that love to work and sweat together!!

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