11-5-14 And the winners are…

250m row
8 Front Squat (95#/65#)
16 Sit-up

Winners of the 2014 Summer Nutrition challenge are:

Partner winners: Tami Rigby and Atticus Smith


I think the pictures speak louder than words in the case of these two. I was blown away by their results! Hard work and dedication can obviously make a huge difference in your progress and change. stick to your guns and you’ll get what you were looking for!

Top male: Shane Ranzenberger

Shane was the very most dedicated person in this challenge. Not only did he completely change his diet (and stick with it every single day), but he added in AT LEAST 100 burpees, sometimes more and combined with running, after every single workout. Talk about serious motivation. I am so proud of this guy. You can physically see the difference in him. Way to go Shane!

Top female: Emma Hogan

This lady was one of the strictest with her diet. It takes some serious willpower to make it through without cheating! Emma is one of the strongest ladies in the gym, even if she doesn’t believe it herself. Way to push all the way through, Emma!

Everyone that finished this challenge had great results, and it was hard to choose the winners. I am proud of all of you, and hope you decide to implement this lifestyle in the future. Thanks to everyone who participated and pushed us!! – Ashton (who even saw some great changes herself.)



10 min EMOM
1 Snatch (squat)
3 Push Press

7 min rounds 2 min rest
35 Wall Ball then
7 Toe to Bar
7 Box Jump

We will announce the winners of the latest challenge tomorrow. We just need to get the pictures all done and we will be good to go. I’m excited to see some of the amazing changes.