9-2-14 Foundations Class Starts September 8th

challengesStrength – Clean and Jerk
15 min EMOM
3 Hang Cleand and 1 Jerk
Increase load at 5 and 10 min

150 Single Jump Rope
21->3 by 3’s Pull-ups & WB
150 Single Jump Rope

Well now that everyones schedules are starting to settle down, we are bringing back our foundations class.  Have a friend or know someone who wants to start CrossFit? This is a great way to be introduced to CrossFit in a safe systematic way.  Our next class will start Monday September 8th and will be held on Monday , Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00 pm at the South Gym.  Have questions, just talk to any of the coaches and grab a $40 off gift card to pass along to your friends.

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