8-25-14 A Little House Cleaning

400m run
15 Deadlift (185#/135#)
200m run
50 wall balls
200m run
15 Deadlift
400m run


Now that school is back in and everyone’s schedule is getting a little more routine, I just wanted to touch on a few items of business.

#1 – Open Gym – 8am to 9am at both locations is Open gym time. Everyone is welcome during this time, and you are invited to do what you’d like for during that hour. With equipment we have available come in and work on what ever you would like to get better at or practice. Please note that while trainers will be on hand to watch over the gym, they will most likely be working out themselves, they will not be responsible for training and teaching during these time slots. Thank you and come enjoy an hour working on what ever you would like or need to work on.

#2 – Safety on the gym floor – I’ve mentioned child safety before HERE, and don’t want to be long on the subject again. We all want kids to be safe and we have a space provided for them at both locations. Bottom line please help keep them off the floor where they will be safe.

#3 – Class start times – In order to be courteous to everyone at the gym we need to start and end on time. If you come late, it’s fine we understand things happen, just jump in to where ever the coach is at. If you need extra time before to do your own thing, then come a few minuets early and do your thing.

#4 – Strength Session – We’ve had strength specific classes for nearly a year now and I just wanted to go over the schedule.
(Smithfield) Monday & Wednesday 5 am, 6 am, 7 am & 9 am
(South Logan) Tuesday & Thursday 4:15 pm, 5:15 pm (6:15 pm Thursdays Only)
If you Shane is working with someone outside of these class times, please know that these are personal training sessions and not open times for anyone to join. If you have a question find out when he or any of the other coaches are done and we will help you after. If you would like some one on one help, just ask and we will let you know what times are available as well as the cost.

The reality is we have a great environment and want to keep it that way. It takes all of us working together to make things flow. Just be conscious of others when you are on the floor. Now here is a funny video to lighten things up 🙂


Author: Paul @ IoTA Fitness

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