We will miss you Jacob!

jacob-hikeJacob Sanderson walked into the Smithfield Box in Aug of 2012.  Many of us remember some of his early WOD’s.  Jacob was always friendly and he soon became one of the main stays at the box.  He was always game for a great workout and even threw down at a few events with us.  Jacob is truly a great guy and we will miss him as he heads off for Green Beret training for the next year and a half out on the east coast.  He and I talked on a recent trail run and he is excited for this next adventure.  We look forward to his return when his training is complete and wish both he and his family a safe time while they are away and a great adventure.  I am grateful for men and women like Jacob who serve our country and are a part of our community.  Safe travels my friend and look forward to your return!!

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