8-6-14 We will miss you Russ!

Life has a way of throwing you situations that aren’t easy. This morning was one of them.  As most know we lost a wonderful, kind, funny and caring man this morning; Russ Seamons.  We had an amazing group of people who stayed calm and did what was needed under a tremendous amount of pressure.  To Jacob Sanderson and Ryan Young, you two are my heroes!  To Jerry and Steph, we love you and will be praying for your family.

I knew him when I was a teenager and would frequent his dental office regularly as he and my father did business together.  As a young adult he was my dentist and it was a pleasure sitting in his chair.  It was a joy to get to know both he and his wife Gail at the gym.  Russ started working out with us in July 2011.  He often had a joke or something wise to say and always had a spring in his step.  His true character showed the first year we held Cold War and he came in wearing a diaper over his clothes and using a walker.  For those that were there it was an unforgettable moment.  Russ will always be remembered for his kindness, his wonderful and funny personality and his zest for life.  I am grateful for his example and for the time I was able to spend with him and get to know him.

Russ always loved coming to the gym and I think it only fitting that we pay tribute to him tomorrow. If you have a Yellow shirt (Sorry Steph) then wear it!  He himself said “Live or Die, It’s the score that matters!”  If you do this workout or another please keep the Hall and Seamons family in your thoughts and prayers.

Classes will be at there regular times and I will be in Smithfield all morning for those that would like to do the WOD below.  We will also hold our Strength classes in Smithfield tomorrow morning as well.

We will also have a collection envelope at both gyms for those that would like to make a donation as we will be sending flowers to the funeral.



Tabata Clock – 20 seconds on 10 seconds rest, 8x for each movement, then a 1 min rest between movements. The total of all reps will be your score. and the movements will be as follows:
a) Wall Ball (20#-10′/14#-9′)
b) Sumodeadlift Highpull (75#/45#)
c) Box Jump (20″)
d) Push Press (75#/45#)
e) Row for Calories
Compare your previous score HERE.

8-6-14 tbta gb



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