3 min Hand Stand Hold [you are accumulating time in this position so so you can come down and go back up]
100 Squats
50 Handstand Walk
100 Squats
30 Handstand Push-up

25 min time cap


1- Maintain proper lumbar curve
2- Weight in the heels
3- Depth below parallel
4- Knees track over the feet

If handstand hold cannot be preformed safely then a) hold weighted barbell overhead or b) hold plank with hands and forearms flat on the ground

If you are unable to safely walk on your hands then a) preform 80 shoulder touches from the handstand position on the wall or b) 400m waiter walk alternating arms every 100 m

If you are unable to safely preform 30 Handstand push-ups then a) do them with your feet on a box in a pike position or b) Set up a bar and do 30 strict press

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