5-1-14 2014 Regionals WOD’s announced

Snatch – Snatch
15 min EMOM
Hang Snatch (Full Squat if you are able)
0-4 min 2 reps / 5-9 min 1 rep / 10-14 min 1 rep – increase load every 5 min

12 min AMRAP
7 – OHS (95#/65#)
25 – Double Unders (2:1 Singles)

2014 Regionals in Salt Lake City at the end of May is going to be incredible and we are going to have the opportunity to watch one of our own, Kendl Watt as well as out Team.  The Team WOD’s will be announced soon!!




Happy Late Birthday to Luke Adams on the 29th….Can’t believe I missed that one yesterday!

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1 min Plank (45#/25#)
30 sec rest
1 min Hollow Rock
30 sec rest
30 sec side plank right
30 sec side plank left
30 sec rest

25 Band pull-a-part
20 Scare Crow (5#/2.5#)
15 Scap Push Up
10 I, Y, T (5#/2.5#)

400m run
21 Wallball (10′-20#/9′-14#)
12 Toe to Bar

“Highlight of my night tonight… I helped this man move some furniture I sold on KSL out of my house and I had to take the heavy side, because it was too heavy for him. All my whining, but at least I’m learning something! I should have given him your card…”Christie Heywood


how you lookingStrength – Clean and Jerk
12 Min EMOM
1 Squat Clean
1 Push Press
1 Jerk

1000m row
40 Kettlebell Swing (53#/35#)
30 Box jump (24″/20″)
20 Kettlebell Swing (53#/35#)
10 Box jump (24″/20″)

Kettlebell Swing (70#/53#)
Box Jump (30″/24″)

4-28-14 Shirts and Schedule

Happy Birthday on the 27th to Charlie Cellan and Mandy Gibbons!!

No Strength classes tomorrow at the North Gym as Coach Joe is still out of town.

We will be placing the order for this years team shirt on Tuesday morning. Please be sure and order this years shirt below.

20 Pull-ups

10, 8, 6, 4, 2
Power Clean (135#/95#)
Bar Facing burpees

20 pull-ups

Coaches Challenge
Preform Cleans at 155/115

CrossFit On Day: 6-10 – 200m sprint – hold intervals at +/- 2-3 seconds with a 90 sec rest between efforts
CrossFit Rest Day: 2 mile Time Trial

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Together Everyone Accomplishes More

4-25-14 Filthy 50

‘Filthy Fifty’

50x box jumps 24″/20″
50x jumping pull-ups
50x kettlebell swings 35#
50x walking lunge steps
50x knees to elbows
50x push press 45#
50x back extensions (or 45/35# Good Morning)
50x wall balls 20#/14#
50x burpees
50x double unders (4:1 Singles)

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