I missed a birthday over the weekend… Happy belated Birthday to Erin Godfrey on the 9th!! and since this is posting on the 9th I technically didn’t miss it 🙂

LAST TEST DAY for those participating in the 2014 challenge
10 min to establish a 1 RM Shoulder Press

5 min max rep Burpees
Rest as needed
100 abmat sit-ups

Non-Challenge Participants
10 min to establish a 3 RM Deadlift – You will need to remember what this number as as we will be using it for the next few Mondays.

12 min AMRAP
150m Sled Pull (45#/25#)
12 Wall Ball
12 Push-up

CrossFit On Day: (8-10x) 200m sprint – hold intervals at +/- 2-3 seconds with a 2 min rest between efforts
CrossFit Rest Day: 45 min Tempo run at 85-90% of your 5k TT pace

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