2-27-14 Proof That Coke Does Not Belong In the Human Body

Clean and Jerk
10 min OTC
2 Squat Clean + 1 Jerk EMOM Unbroken
Increase load as needed

10 min OTC
1000m row
10 Sit-up
7 Squat
4 clean (135#/95#)

Article of the Day: 20 Practical Uses for Coca Cola… Proof That Coke Does Not Belong In the Human Body

Coke is the most valuable brand in history, and “Coca-Cola” is the world’s second-most recognized word after “hello.” However, the beverage itself is an absolute poison to the human metabolism. Coke is very close to the acidity level of battery acid and consequently it can clean surfaces equivalent to and often better than many toxic household cleaners.

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Author: Paul @ IoTA Fitness

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